Friday, September 15, 2006

Comments and Challenges

I've got my comments working properly again. I finally realized the box had stopped popping up after I put the Babel-fish translating program into my sidebar. Took it out and the comments are back.

Forgot to answer Giraffe Dreams Carol's question in my last post. She asked if there was a slideshow somewhere of all the pics for the Take the Leap Challenge. There isn't. I'm not Flickr-ized. If someone would like to create one, they are more than welcome, but I think I will cry if I have to learn another computer tool... But do go check out Carol's challenge quilt.

Speaking of the challenge, I can't believe Sassenach Kim at Force Majeure Farm has made another one. She's given me permission to post a pic of her "I Love Corn and Beans":

You can go learn about the inspiration for the colors here. Especially those of you living in farm country will understand.

Aiyee, all of a sudden I can't pull up any blogs. I better try and post this one now. Ya'll take care. A Bientot.


Eileen said...

Good to hear from you, as busy as you must be at this time. I'm still planning to do your X and O quilt, just trying to find the time.

Clare said...

I'm still quilting mine which is going to be given to a friend. I am then hoping to start another one for "my cause".

Blogger is really mucking about today. I keep on getting Error 500 messages and Bloglines are saying there are feed errors. Every single blog has got a red exclamation mark against it. Doh!

A plus!

Carol E. said...

I love this one! Now I want to make another one, too. I have TOO MANY IDEAS and not enough time to make them all! I'm almost wishing I worked at Ford so I could take an early retirement and spend my days quilting. No such luck!

Lily Mulholland said...

Oooh I like it too - but then again I am learning I am a sucker for green fabric.

It does look like farm paddocks from the air :)

Au revoir!

Joyce said...

THat green and yellow quilt is great! You have really started something there. I am hoping to get to one eventually. I see you are learning some French! Good for you.

Dianne said...

Isn't I Love Corn and Beans great? Going to the Force Majeure Farm site you could really see the inspiration provided by the aerial photos...really loved it!

Hmm, wonder where the tub of greens and golds is...oh, yeah, it's in Australia!

Susan said...

Just a quick stop - we don't have WiFi unless I go smuggle it, as Darcie says, so I haven't been able to visit blogs - waaaah! Love that corn and beans one. I'm still working on my hugs and kisses Shoo-Fly. =)

quiltpixie said...

vous parlez la francais more than before... the eiffel tower awaits you :-)