Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Dish

Pictures of dishware from the Musee de Arts Decoratif, which is housed in the same building as the Louvre. Most of the items in this display (sorry I don't know anything about it) seemed to be decorative rather than functional. Or at least I couldn't figure out how you'd use them. Rather an odd assortment of items.

I think this turkey is hideously ugly and not in a good way:

The turtles are fun. I'm assuming the artichoke slices are decorative.

I think the snake opens up to put something inside and the radishes(?) are decorative.

A big cabbage. I couldn't tell if this was a tureen or not.

This wasn't in the same display case. But just in case you want a platter that has a permanent seafood dinner, here you go. I wouldn't want this looking at me.

For early christmas presents, my parents got French mustards, chocolates and loads of empty gift bags. Kinda cheesy to send just the bags but my stepmom loves them. Plus my folks can be hard to buy for. I found a great place to order specialty pistachios, like garlic- and chili pepper-flavored, but now my Dad just orders them for himself. Bother. (By the way, I highly recommend the Atomic Hot Chili Pistachio Brittle.)

Anyway, these are a couple of the new gift bags I made using classy Hoffman batiks:

Thanksgiving wasn't a big deal here. My husband and I went out to lunch for Lebanese food, which was good but nearly as good as Tabboule in Cairo. And then for dinner I just walked a couple of buildings over to get some yummy takeout Penne Risi et Bisi and Tiramisu for dessert.

Thanksgiving can be a hard holiday for me. My mom was such a fantastic cook and she always outdid herself for the holidays. I just know how excited she would have been for me to be living in Europe. And I'm feeling awfully far away from my family and friends. A bit maudlin at the moment, but that will pass quickly.

We did watch Bell, Book, and Candle with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. Love that movie, although I hate how boring Gillian is at the end - the primitive art is incredibly cool. This movie counts as a holiday movie since it begins on Christmas Eve. And since it's about witches, I thought it was fitting for the last day of my Halloween decor. It's a very groovy movie with bongo drums and Jack Lemmon. And a much better movie with Stewart and Novak than is Vertigo although I'm sure many would disagree with me.

Yesterday I trashed the apartment taking down Halloween and putting up Christmas. Still have boxes piled up all over the place. What a mess. The sun is making a return visit, so I need to go out and soak it up. I can tidy up another day. I have several links for you and other things I wanted to mention, but that will wait too. Enjoy your weekends.


Joyce said...

What a strange assortment of dishes. I have a lettuce leaf dish with fake tomatoes on it so maybe it's the start of a collection.Lol. My daughter in Australia finds the holidays the hardest too, esp Halloween which she loves and they don't celebrate.

Sassenach said...

Sorry you're feeling blue. I thought of you yesterday as I was bustling about the kitchen, wondering how you would spend this American holiday.

I'm sure your mom would have delighted in your stories and photographs of living abroad. It seems you must have received your gift of celebration from her -- expressed in quilts rather than cooking.

Hugs from Illinois!

Donna said...

what odd dishes! Wouldn't particularly want them on any table I was eating at!

atet said...

I have to totally agree about Bell Book and Candle. Somehow the character does not ring true at the end -- such a whimp! (I mean, happy ending and all but -- come on!).

I know what you mean about feeling blah at the holidays a bit -- hugs to you from Illinois where it can be just as dreary but minus the lovely sights to see!

Cher said...

our childhood memories of holidays celebrated so color our adult lives-whether we continue with those traditions or not. I agree-I think your mom would enjoy how you celebrate life in your unique style of quilting and decorating-and you celebrate her with your shared memories.

julieQ said...

Crazy dishes!! But fun and unusual. Hope you find some joy this season!! Is it cold in Paris??


Susan said...

Those dishes are really interesting. I can always depend on you to find the most unusual things to photograph! I'm sorry you are missing your mom so much - the holidays will do that to us.

Lily Mulholland said...

Eurgh that dishware is not my cup of tea either! I did like the snail detail on the turtle :)

It's hard living so far from friends and family. Sorry too that you're feeling your mum's absence so much.

Tanya said...

Very interesting dishes but I don't think I'd want them on my table...

Thanksgiving went by us too. It's been so long since I celebrated with family that it goes past with hardly a thought. For my recently arrived American friends it is a hard holiday to watch from abroad. Hope you can quickly get into the mood for Christmas!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

in march when I visited my sister we went to the maille mustard shop - and I fell in love with their provencale flavor ...unfortunately only bought 2 jars and they are gone, and unfortunately my sister forgot to buy the requested case (well I actually asked for 6 jars) to bring back and now they are gone.... seems like it's not a flavor to be had in the state... try it if you haven't good enough to be used as a sauce of veggies, etc.

completely crazy dishes!!

love bell, book and candle. but of course since I was actually named after kim novak! my mother was a big fan and it was in the 1950s! when I arrived.

enjoy all the wonderful xmas decorations in paris!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh those are such fun dinnerware anyway! But turtles?

Clare said...

The holiday season does that to you. I've got a constant lump in my throat cos we're not going home this year and sister is leaving for LA on the 29th! I'll ask my Mum to send you a hug!

I've never been a fan of French decorative tableware. I really don't know what they see in it. Odd radishes, but I suppose they must be, unless they are supposed to be salsify, or even white carrots!!!!!

They've started putting the lights up in Perigueux. Is Paris all lit up yet?