Sunday, November 11, 2007

Play with Tree Blocks

If there's a quilt or fabric out, we must get a kitten, it's apparently in the rules.

I sewed up tree blocks for a class sample for the Winter Class. You can go see what I came up with over there. And the next post in this blog is the tree tutorial. I've made it no comment so that it's easier to print out, but please tell me if I've flubbed something. I'm trying to keep the actual tutorials over here. I hope I don't make myself nuts switching back and forth between the blogs. The Winter Class is open to new students. Come on over and play with us.

Time for a bit of a whine, our new upstairs neighbors are terrors. Is there one kid up there in steel-studded boots or several? Lots of shrieking tantrums that just echo through our place. Aiyee. And Howler? I spoke too soon. He was just saving up his marking ammo for the next few assaults on our sofa. Not to mention he's hit the bed sheets/blankets a few times now too. Aiyee. Maybe he's working out of sympathy for the kid upstairs. All that crying makes him want to act out as well.

The good news though? Our baby cats are definitely cuddling up more again, much more like they used to before we moved here. hurrah.

And now for me, it's back to making gifts.


Lily Mulholland said...

What a bugger bugger about your noisy neighbours upstairs. And there aint nothing you can do about it either.

Hope your cats continue to get more settled. At least they can't run away! Although marking the furniture isn't much fun either.

Your trees look great - especially with that twinkly background :)

I've been making progress on Christmas gifts too...if you look at my blog now you might see a little teapot :)

Joyce said...

Oh the joys of apartment living! Maybe send Howler up to mark the kid or they could make friends. They seem to have the same name. Lol.

julieQ said...

Love that neighbor story, last night the howling and music stopped around three AM from the back of our house neighbors, sigh...:) Our doggie is deaf, so he sleeps blissfully through it!!

I really like those wonky trees and have my fabric out to give 'er a try!!


Magpie Sue said...

Sympathies about the noisy neighbors. Makes me appreciate being in our single family dwelling even more. My biggest complaint is the kid down the street who apparently has access to a very loud four wheeler or mini bike or something. Oh, and the guy who goes to work at 11pm on his motorcycle that has no muffler from the way it sounds.

It will be fun to see what folks come up with for their winter quilts. I've got too much on my plate to play along. Love the idea of Halloween/Christmas cross overs though! I hadn't thought of that, oddly enough.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Tonya tutorials...thank goodness, I always admire the trees, but it is so darn hard to make things come out's like a hidden looks easy but it never is.

Tanya said...

Hmmm. Shall I try trees next? I love my forest behind my house... I'll have to think about this some more. Very tempting!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Mmm, I like your trees! And life is always interesting for you isn't it!

Lucy said...

I love these trees tonya

Mel said...

Loved the tutorial on piecing trees, since I'm quite allergic to paper-piecing this is a nice alternative and you made it look so easy. I believe I'll give it a whirl.

Karen said...

Wow, what a wonderful site. I saw the link through a friends blog here in New Zealand. At the moment I'm making a bush quilt for my grandson who loves mountain biking. I love your trees and its given me the idea to put a few 'trees' on the blocks. Your links are great but I must get off the damn computer and back to my sashings!!! Cheers Karen in NZ