Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yet Another Walk

Woohoo, summer has returned. We've had sunshine and heat (80 degrees - not hot compared to a lot of places, but much better than the 60-something degrees we had last week) and I've been out walking.

I have a friend who is interested in the pillars at the Porte des Lions at the Louvre that I showed you last post. I went to take more photos (haven't gotten them sorted, but I'll post them soon, promise) and got distracted as well.

I wandered into a scarf shop on the Rue de Rivoli - the window display just caught my eye and dragged me in.

Look at these gorgeous silk scarves. They are two-sided and feel so luxurious.

There were also incredibly soft wool scarves - real pashminas (compared to the Pashmina 100% viscose fakes that you see elsewhere). Such glorious colors as well. Wool holds dye so incredibly - I don't know why more quilters aren't using it. (We know why I'm not - stupid allergies.)

The outside of the shop, with the Jardin des Tulieries reflected.

I broke down and bought a scarf. Not showing it to you yet since it has disappeared into the closet of prezzies. My husband is a "not good" gift purchaser, so I buy my own presents and he gives them to me at appropriate times. It works well for both of us.

Yet another movie poster for you. I didn't get such a hot picture of the actual poster for Les Simpson, but I loved seeing it displayed here. Note the french flag at the top of the pole.

And that's the Opera house in the background from this angle. D'oh.

My sweetie and I are going for a walk, a visit to the english language bookstores, and lunch. See ya.


Joyce said...

Those scarves are indeed gorgeous. Paris has to be a shopping mecca no matter what you are looking for. Gotta love that!

Diane said...

Wow, an entire shop devoted to scarves! I'm not one to accessorize but for those, I'd start. Glad you bought yourself one. I had to laugh because I buy my own gifts too.

Shirley Goodwin said...

What wonderful eye candy, Tonya! Just beautiful to look at (and hold, and touch...)

Candy Schultz said...

Wouldn't wool be too thick to hand quilt through?

That is an interesting juxtaposition - les Simpson against a backdrop of midieval architecture.

Susan said...

I like your gift-giving solution. Imminently sensible. =) I love the juxtaposition of Simpsons and Opera House. LOL!

QuiltMom said...

Hi Tonya,
My husband bought me a pashmina scarf at an art sale for Mother's day. I got to choose it and, boy, was it hard, as there were so many beautiful ones. In the end I chose one that had enough colors that I wear( black red gold) that it could be worn with a number of pieces of clothing. I love mine as it is so dressy and soft to wear. The shop is beautiful and oh what glorious colors -it would be fun to visit and hard not to come out with more than one scarf. Enjoy wearing your scarf.

Lily Mulholland said...

Zut alors! Tonya, that looks like some very fun shopping. What a great idea to have a stash of presents ready for your husband to give back :) Love it!

atet said...

Oh, those scarves! I don't think I could have come away with just one. Then again, depending on the price, probably I could :0). As for the wool question -- I know for me it's a lack of places that have good wools as well as expense. Good cottons are much less expensive for me.

Marisa said...

Those scarves are OUTSTANDING!

Clare said...

Good present idea. Wonder if I can persuade DH who always gets birthday parties, surprises and stuff whereas I have to suffer with a January birthday when everyone is broke!

Magpie Sue said...

Okay, now I have to go get a cloth to wipe up the drool from the keyboard... What glorious color!

How was Bastille Day?