Friday, July 20, 2007

Me and the Lamassu

My husband obliged and took a picture of me with this fabulous lamassu when we were at the Louvre on Sunday. The lamassu were (are?) Assyrian gate guardians, who frightened away the forces of chaos. Anyway, I am fabulously in love with these guys. Notice that they actually have five legs - the look like they're standing still from the front and walking from the side.

Karen asked to see my haircut. This is pretty much my usual style, I just get lazy (and fearful) sometimes and don't go back soon enough to get it cut. These are my new glasses as well. I got them just two days before we left Florida, which was pretty stupid. The correction isn't as strong as my last two pairs (which were overcorrected) and it was hard to adjust, but I've finally done it. You'll notice the frames are very practical and sturdy. I hated my last pair, with lenses and screws and nosepieces falling off. You can see my thyroidectomy scar in this pic too.

Enough about me. According to my guidebook: "These lamassu with gentle human faces, their proportions governed by mathematically calculated proportions, exude calm, serenity, and harmony."

I love the bull's ears they have - makes them look elfin.

I got some good pics of this guy too in the Assyrian room. This is an Apkallu Griffin, a 'wise man' or 'sage' sent by the god Ea to teach wisdom to humans, according to this British Museum site. He's holding a bucket and cone for purifying.

I don't know why I'm so fascinated with all of this, but I am. This interests me so much more than seeing the Impressionists. I wonder what that says about me.

I finished my additional quilting on Liberty Blooms. It's not that it looks all that much different, but I certainly notice the difference. Still haven't finished my two little quilts. Andi, those have regular old quilting fabric on the back. I use up stash I don't like well enough to put on the front.

Ms Jan, my camera is a Canon Digital Elph SD600. I absolutely love it - fantastic camera. I have never taken such wonderful pictures in my life. Remember the old days were you could only look through that tiny peephole? Stupid glasses got in the way and I was always cutting off people's heads. Now I have a big image to look at and what a difference that has made. We have an earlier model of the Elph and it's wonderful too. Highly recommended. And Picasa makes a huge difference as well - now I can crop out all the extraneous bits.

MamaSpark, we haven't had any more problems with Howler marking his territory. Fingers crossed it will stay that way. One big difference - I put in an extra litterbox, this one without a hood on it. (So now we have three litterboxes). Maybe he just hated going in that little box to pee, although that was what he used in Florida without a problem. I also got some Feliway spray and used that once. Whatever it is that did the trick, I'm happy.

In entertainment news, I watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries over again. Definitely makes a difference without commercials and pausing when there are distractions. Liked it much better this time, but don't know that I've been converted to being a fan.

The Lake House with Keanu and Sandra was pretty mediocre. Since I had low expectations going in, that was okay. It gave me something to quilt to.

I went to Monmartre on Wednesday and visited the fabric stores. Now I'm miserable, headachy and allergical. Still haven't got my new allergy meds yet, which are coming in the mail from the states and were sent late due to various incompetencies. Anyway, I will post more about the fabric stores later. I can't keep my posts up with my life...

Fingers crossed I can get English audio for the Tour today. Couldn't yesterday, but I wasn't put out since it was just a flat stage.


Joyce said...

Thanks for the photo tour. In the Louve we spent most time at the paintings because DH is a painter. You just can't do it all in less than a year.

Anonymous said...

i am working on gates right now so all of this is just wonderful.

YankeeQuilter said...

Love the photos. I'm trying to picture walking with 5 legs....

Tazzie said...

You're seeing such amazing things, and it's nice to see you too! I really like The Lakehouse, but I think that's because of Keanu. I could sit enthralled watching him read the dictionary :-)
Have a great day

Tanya said...

You are looking good! (and good-lookin' too!) I hate to think of what is happening at my house with the cats and potty problem!! I may have to burn stuff when I get back. Thanks for that lesson on hoopless quilting too!

Magpie Sue said...

Do you think it was the fabric stores that gave you symptoms, or the trip itself? I don't have "traditional" allergies (like pollen, dust, etc.) but the chemicals in the sizing/finishing of new fabrics is enough to make me ill after about 20 minutes in a fabric store.

Candy Schultz said...

Those guys. I know them I didn't know they had a name. I love all that stuff also but I love the Impressionists as well.

You look great and I do not see a scar.

I guess I am fortunate I do not have allergies. I would hate to have to limit my stay at a fabric store. Of course I never spend more than 20 minutes anyway because the money gets exhausted that quick. Hope your meds get there soon.

Lily Mulholland said...

You're very lucky to be able to just pop in and see all that glorious 'stuff' Tonya - and we're lucky you're sharing it with us :)

I am glad you enjoyed BG on the second time through. I am a devotee!

And yes, the Lakehouse is a good movie to quilt to. Have you seen Dreamgirls yet? Also good to quilt too if you want to be stitching for a couple of hours!

atet said...

Love those Assyrian statues. There is a museum in Chicago that has a couple of them. I've been once or twice and they also have a wonderful Egyptian collection. I do like them -- but will have to agree to disagree about the Impressionists. I like both -- depends on my mood I guess :0).

Hope your allergies get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us the up-close-and-personal with the lamassu. I've passed by them in a Chicago museum with a once-over but never gave them the study they deserved. There is lots going on there, lots of inspiration to be had.

meggie said...

What a lovely interesting post.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Enjoying all thse photos of france so take photos of the things I actually like to look at!
Battlestar Gallactica, presuming that was the recent one. I think it aired here at midnight. I never watched it past the first 15 minutes, i want the old 70's/80's one back, I was so in love with Apollo and dirk benedict's character, was it Starbuck? , now I'm confused, it will come to me as soon as I send the comment!
Have been meanu\ing to see the Lakehouse but reviews have put it on the backburner,
Great quilting tutorial, 15 minutes with you in person and I would be flying!
cheers, tracey

Carol E. said...

It's funny, but just the other day I told a friend of mine the very same thing about my hair... I'm lazy and fearful (mostly lazy) about getting cuts, but lately when I do I get it nice and short like yours. Low maintenance rocks! Love your photo tours and comments about life and your cats. Thanks!