Tuesday, September 09, 2008


If Lily would just move I could show you how I've been quilting the border of Rumspringa.

Surprised? I know, hardly. Yes, I've been hand quilting unmarked freehand fans. Or have I? Maybe Lily has been doing the quilting around here:

My husband hasn't seen these photos, but I can hear him in my mind, noonooo Lily is going to get hurt by that needle, be careful, aaaaaaah. Not to worry, no kitties were injured in the making of these photos.

Speaking of my husband, he says why don't you ever put pics of the big cats in your blog? Well, they just aren't nearly as photogenic as the girls. But here's Habibi sitting in the wreckage of a cardboard box, one of his and Howlers favorite resting spots.

Links, links, links. Let's start with some Fungly Challenge links. I'm sure this isn't everybody, but I do my best. If you want to make sure people see your fungliness, then link your fungly post to this post. That way it will show up here and folks can follow it back to your blog.

Kristin has made a great Jacks on Six fungly top plus she's using the triangles she cuts away to make liberated Shoo Flies.

Finn has made some of the wildest funnest blocks. They appear here and there throughout her blog, but make sure you catch the blenderized Tweety.

Master of Patience Lynda has finished her Jacks on Six Fungly quilt - hurrah!

Roz finished a liberated orphan sampler fungly - great to see her playing and experimenting.

Speaking of liberation, Brenda finished her wonderful basket quilt top with free-pieced letters and Collaborative Quilting baskets. The colors are marvelous. And actually, you should read all of Brenda's blog if you're not already. I love her work and look forward to seeing how her Words Fail Me quilt turns out.

Check out the new-ish blog Bumble Beans by Victoria. She's just pieced a top in the spirit of Gee's Bend and it's marvelous.

Speaking of Gee's Bend quilters, check out this great Smithsonian magazine article on the most recent show Gee’s Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt. I just finished reading the book. marvelous.

On a more serious topic, Persnickity Diane recently wrote about the impact of Multiple Sclerosis on herself and a good quilting friend. MS is a horrible cruel disease. Please consider a donation to support the work of the National MS Society.

You can actually still donate via Quiltville's Bonnie and Dave Hunter, even though the race he rode in is already over. Boy, I've been in a fog, meant to post about that weeks ago. Oops. At least the sun is out now and I'm thinking again.

Bummer of a note to end on. Maybe I should have put the depressing stuff first and then the cute photos of kitty paws...


Donna said...

enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Maybe your freehand fans need to morph slighly into frrhand suns with rays so you get your required quotient of sunshine daily :-)

Kate said...

Thanks for the closeup quilting pics-- I noticed that you ended your quilting about 1/4 inch from the edge. I always run mine right off the edge and hope the binding will secure the line of stitching. But seeing your photo gave me a new perspective and I'm going to try knotting my stitches at both ends of the row. Don't want all my hard work to come out in the wash!

dutchcomfort said...

Your cat pictures are great!

I’ve been digging through your tutorials. Love the fans you use for quilting.
So I started hand-quilting without a hoop, stitching turtles and graphic figures. It feels great!!

Brenda said...

Hi Tonya: thanks for the mention. I like how your Amish Rumspringa quilt is turning out.

Anonymous said...

Habibi is one BIG cat.

Lois from NJ

Karen said...

Maybe Lily should start her own blog. She is very good at quilting.

woolywoman said...

Not a bummer to end on- just life. Like the Gee's Benders taking scraps and bits and making art with it. They just had to wait a while for it all to become more clear, that it was art all along.

jovaliquilts said...

I hear you about sunshine -- gray days do me in. We had a fabulous summer in Ann Arbor but as winter approached, every day was short and gray. They told us the entire winter would be like that; fortunately, we left at New Year's.

That cat looks SO good on turquoise!

Sharon said...

I, for one, never get tired of your free-hand fans. Or Lily's! Your stitching is so nice and even. My stitching was never that good.
Thanks for all the links to all the fungliness! Everyone's quilts are so good and most aren't ugly at all! Fun to watch.
And thanks for the rest of the links too. I had the pleasure of seeing 2 different Gee's Bend exhibits. They are so freeing. Very fungly! It certainly changed some people's conceptions of "how" a quilt "should be". No quilt police there!
Come see my blog - I have some links to an interview with Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku, and a trailer for "Dollhouse" that you'll enjoy.

p.s. Habibi is doing an excelent job of keeping that box under control! He's big, but a pretty boy.

Sharon said...

Oh, apparently I can't spell. That would be "excellent". Sorry! *sheepish grin*

Julie said...

I too was wondering where the other cats were. How about a picture of Howler? My cat loves to help quilt (read newspapers, wrap presents, make the bed...) too. Your quilting is marvelous. I am keeping track of the Fungly as I have lots of cloth that fits the theme. Will you please comment on how you can hand stitch multiple stitches, catch the backing, on a single needle? Your stitches are fantastic.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I love the sneak peek of the new quilt. random and lovely!! you free spirit! thanks for the shout. I feel I've learned so much from reading your blog. I'm honored!

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Hehehehehe! I love the quilting kitty feet! :cD

I've got to get my funglies together. I have time to do it this month..just not sure on a setting..I NEED INSPIRATION! :cD


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