Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sharing Work and Blogging

Wow, I think I hit a nerve on that last entry about posting photos.

Nancy gave me permission to post pics of her own work on this blog, but I'm just going to show you one of them, since I'm hoping she's going to start a blog herself (woohoo!) This liberated log cabin houses quilt contains little pink squares from Nancy's grandmothers stash. Makes it even more special.

And since I was compiling links for her, figured I might as well share them with ya'all. Blogs are a great way to share your love of quilting.

Here's a video tutorial for beginning a blog on Blogger. There are other tutorials that may help as well, such as adding gadgets.

Here's where you go to start your Blogger blog.

Blogger has great tutorials themselves in their Help Center. Here's one showing how to upload photos.

I highly recommend that you also download Picasa, a free photo tool that helps you to get the image just right AND you can also work with it to upload photos to Blogger. I use Picasa to brighten and crop my photos making me look like I'm a better photographer than I actually am.

Help with Picasa can be found here.

Speaking of photos, here's my darling Lily:

Super-brightened Lily:


Anonymous said...

Lily looks like she is ready to pounce! LOL!

Clare said...

Picasa is great, but there is another piece of freebie software which is brilliant for resizing photos -

If anyone gets stuck on how to add the gadgets/widgets to the sidebar, I've got an easy to follow tutorial that the girls on Liberated Quilters use.

I love those houses and wooo hoooo indeed if Nancy gets a blog. Think of all those gorgeous string quilts on view (droool).

Donna said...

great idea to have a handy list of such links to send to someone just beginning to explore the world of blogging.

with all the comments re photos you got has it helped you clarify your own position any?

Unknown said...

Timely indeed. I'm in the process of transferring image hosting on my blog to Picasa and it's really a great tool.

Cher said...

great help links Ton...I lost my Picasa when I switched computers...great photo from Nancy-hope she does start a blog..I would love to see more of her work.

Karen said...

Great information. As a new blogger, I worry about photo space. You've been blogging for a long time. Have you purchased extra photo space yet? Any photos I attach to a posting are stored in Picasa Web. This is how Blogger set me up. Looks like I have 1 GB of space and when I have used that, I can purchase more space ($20.US for 10 GB) from Picasa...that should last a very long time. Is that how it works?

jude said...

i use picasa, it is great!

quiltmom anna said...

Thanks (I Think:D) for the information about setting up a blog. I posted my first blog post- lots of people havee encouraged me to try it so with your tutorials-
off I went..

Being a neophyte, I don't know much about what I am doing- will I have to purchase space for pictures ? ( See Karen's question)
Anyway If you would like to check out my first attempt
Here is the address:

As always your kitties are beautiful..

jacquie said...

love this little quilt! thanks for the tips about identity theft. scary thing!

Helen in the UK said...

I have a weakness for house quilts and the log cabin ones are WONDERFUL. Thanks for sharing :)