Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hey ya'all. Sorry I've been missing in action for the last few days. Have to say that the combination of living in the dark along with returning to the pollution, traffic, and car problems threw me for a bit of a loop. I so do not do well without the sun. But hurrah, hurrah, the scaffolding and workmen have gone and I have precious light once again.

I mentioned in my last post how I'm surrounded by eye images here. Well these are a couple of my good luck charms, tho that may not be the proper terminology for them. They are protection against the evil eye. Both the eye shape and the color blue are symbolic of that.

Emotionally, I'm in a countdown until we leave Egypt. I had a long honeymoon period of being thrilled to live here - it lasted two years. But now that I know the end is in sight, I'm more annoyed than ever by silly things. Our tour is up on October 6th, tho we may get out of here a tad earlier than that. So we've got six months left. Trying to get all my "exit shopping" done, tho for the most part I don't have any major items left on my list. Now it's more a matter of all the places we haven't seen.

I've finally decided to start planning day trips and little holidays, rather than waiting for my husband to tell me when is a good time to go. I'm done with that - I'll pick and he gets to go. We've lived here 2 1/2 years and have only been to the pyramids at Giza once and that was just after we got here and were still jet-lagged and my sweetie had a cold. So we need to do that properly and he's never been to the Egyptian Museum here in Cairo. Pretty silly when he works just a 15 minute walk away from it. Our big trip will be in April - a trip south to see Abu Simbel and more of Luxor. Assuming we can get there that is - we're wait-listed for flights.

What else is up? I've gotten a couple more blocks quilted on "Space 4 Rent." I decided to test Bonnie's theory of every fabric works so long as it's cut into small enough pieces. I have a bunch of 1 1/2" squares and I still don't like the fabric, but they aren't sewn yet, so I need to be patient. I'm thinking of a 9-patch leaders and enders project. Something mindless.

I'm watching "Dead Like Me" which I borrowed from a friend. I was pretty surprised at how much I enjoy it. Very quirky and very much about living in the NOW. Of course it's been cancelled already. Saw M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village" and boy what a pointless movie that was. A great big "so what." I love "The Sixth Sense" but every movie he's made since then has been incrementally worse.


Finn said...

Great post Ton...*VBS* Sooooo happy to hear you have daylight and sunlight again..! Essential.

Absolutely right on with the planned day trips. Is it ok if I'm happy you are leaving Egypt?? *VBG* Cause I am!

Love the eye charms(of course) being a blue eyed wonder myself..LOL
Let me know how that "cut small enough" works for you, I have some that looks garbage can worthy to me. Painfully ugly!
I've just added a few of Tim Burton's older movies to my Netflix list....believe it or not, I've never SAT down and watch Beetljuice or Edward Scissorhands..LOL

Quilts And Pieces said...

Those eyes are pretty cool. Especially the 2nd one. I"m glad you have sun light back and I"m so glad your going to go see all those cool things before you leave Egypt. I still think your new furniture and that screen are going to be the best take-aways though! I'm still drooling all over all 3 of them!

Cher said...

good to hear the light is back-and you are being proactive in planning all those day trips-good to not leave wishing you had seen thus and such. The blue eyes are stunning-a wonderful reminder of Egypt in my opinion. So, once you leave-do you know where you go next? I was thinking rather than a nine patch, a sixteen patch would be good to "bury" ugly fabrics in...and one inch finished squares is good.

Darcie said...

Can't wait to see your tiny little patches all stitched up. You'll work your magic, I just know it.

Do you know where you're going after leaving Cairo?

I strongly dislike "The Village" also. I was like...huh??? (I have *those* often!)

Lily Mulholland said...

We had The Village on TV the other night - we watched it and also thought 'so what?'. One of the reviewers described Joaquim Phoenix's performance as 'smouldering'. Seriously?!! I think the technical description for that film is 'undercooked' :)

Glad to hear you've got light back in your life. Do you wear the lucky eye charms? They look like they're on pendants.

Where are you headed after you depart Egypt? Hope it's somewhere less crowded/polluted.

My parents went to Luxor in 1990 and still rave about it. I hope you get there!

Laurie Ann said...

Funny about M Night. I saw Unbreakable and couldn't believe I had just wasted 2 hours of my life on it!!

Cathi said...

Hey Tonya-

We had fun on an overnight train to Aswan one New Years Eve a million years ago...but then again...I was much younger and in the company of two cute Swedish guys, LOL!! Ooooh...but my bag with my camera was robbed on the way to the train station...mixed memories now come rushing back!

Don't forget a visit to Alexandria if you get the chance...I headed out toward the Libyan border to Siwa oasis too... some of the other pyramids too, near Cairo, Saqqara, the step pyramids, are interesting to see...

And have fun visiting my hometown, DC!!! I lived in France for a year as a nanny, tho not in Paris... You'll love it...and now we know why you've been studying French...or was that just a psychic inspiration?

Did another little quilt last week with letters...commissioned after someone saw my first letter quilt, LOL, so thanks for the lessons!!

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