Saturday, October 01, 2005

Halloween Faces complete

Well, here ya go. Halloween Faces is complete. I even scanned a detail so that you could get a better look at my unmarked fans. They aren't smooth and pretty - they have flat bits and they get wide here and narrow there. It's part of their charm.

My Halloween decorations are almost all up. I still have some ornaments to put on my Halloween tree and then I'll be done, except for the items at the framer's which won't be ready for weeks.

How's everybody else's Halloween decorating coming along? I want to see photos.

Spent quite a bit of today playing with my scanner, trying to get the best possible image of some of my crusties. Not quite sure how well it turned out - gonna have to play with the photostitch program to jam several pics into one.

I'm on disc five now of Lost. Probably watching it too fast, then I'm gonna whine cuz I'm done. But I love to immerse myself this way and on second viewing I can take it slow and pay attn to the details. And I do plan on watching it again - it's my evil plan to trick my sweetie into watching it with me. He thinks it sounds stupid, but what does he know. It's certainly easier to follow than all that Rambaldi silliness on Alias.

Have you gone to see "Serenity" yet for me? Go, go on now.


Catherine said...

I love your Halloween faces. Even better that you didn't cut it up...this fabric shines on its own. Your fans look perfect to me. You really don't mark them?

Tonya Ricucci said...

I really don't mark them. They are quite imprecise and very maverick.

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

I love the faces, and the scanner shows the detail really well! I have a scanner/copier/printer combo on my christmas list. The prices have gone down so much! And my regular big clunky xerox just bit the dust, so it's time for a good change anyway! My halloween quilt is going on the kitchen table today. I'll get a pic of it when I take it out...It's a kaleidoscope and I really enjoy having it out all month long!


Finn said...

Hey Tonya, I love the faces ! What great fabric!!! Would ya snap a close up of the black cat face for me?? I'd love to see his features and ears more up close..please..*G*

Awesome fans..I'm not that brave as yet..LOL