Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cranky Witch Top

I'm feeling better today. Not well, but better.

I got a fun package in the mail last night from my Mom and Dad. As well as birthday and Halloween cards, they sent me a bunch of tiny "bones" - which should be fun to embellish something with. I gifted myself with the book "The Quilt that Walked to Golden" by Sandra Dallas. I love reading stories about pioneer quilters. This particular book is frustrating me by talking about historically significant quilts and NOT showing pictures of them AND by just having small pictures of quilts that they do have. The other book I got is about Haitian Voudou flags, which are all sequined and have fabulous imagery. I'll talk more about that another day.

Today I had enough energy to piece my quilt top. It's roughly 47" x 48". The main fabric is by Alexander Henry and is called "Witchy Woman" which doesn't fit at all. I mean, it is a witch, but that is a song title by the Eagles and doesn't work for Halloween for me.

I love the fabric tho. I bought a yard of it awhile back and haven't been willing to cut it up. Very graphic, the red background is gorgeous and intense. Anytime I started thinking about what size block I could fancy cut, I would realize how few images I would actually get. So I showed them, I'm using it all. Almost. I took the yard of fabric and lopped off some of it to make it generally square. Then I added the orangeish-yellow inner border (1" finished on the sides and 1 1/4" finished on the top and bottom, just because I felt like it). The outer border - Jan Mullen starz - will be 4 1/2" wide finished. I liked the way the stars echoed the witches' pointy hats.

My job now is to get it basted. I started watching Desperate Housewives Season One yesterday, so maybe I'll put that disc back in and get going with those safety pins.


Finn said...

Hey Ton..birthday buddy *G* Would ya believe I have Witchy Woman also,LOL, in red ! Bought it at a quilt show, they had just the one half yd cut left, and I snatched it up before Betsy saw it !! Shouldn't be surprised you have it too...*G*

Since I'm gonna "fan" with ya, I'll use mine too..but probably with different borders. I haven't cut mine either, cause you can't get enough from the cuts.
BTW, did you have a chance to get any of the Witches Undies that was around about two years ago? I think I have 1.5 or 2 yds in the lime green back ground..would love to share with you..*G*
Oh yes, and I too, am a huge fan of Sandra Dallas's books...didn't like Buster Midnight's Cafe tho...but love the Diary of Mattie Spencer, and Alice's tulips.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Belatedly. Hope today is better...sometimes birthdays need to be slept through.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Tonya - been busy lately and haven't been able to keep up - but glad to hear your feeling a bit better! Once I catch up I'll have to send you an email!

Anonymous said...

I have witchy woman waiting in my wings myself- but with vibrant purple background. I agree, the name isn't right. Glad you sound like you're feeling a bit better!

HexagonLady said...

Patchwork from Sweden. Leja