Friday, May 01, 2009

Halloween Noises so Far

Right after I published that last post a thought occurred to me.  You know, this Halloween Noises quilt is going to be a blast to hand quilt. There are so many really cool things I can do with it. If you guys use some solids or mostly solids - and leave the backgrounds large for me to cut down as needed - I'll have some great places for quilting. These are details from my Dear Mummy quilt to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. This quilting wouldn't have worked on top of novelty prints.

The background doesn't have to be light colored - I have a large array of colors to choose from in the perle cotton and embroidery floss. I hope you guys can come up with quilting ideas too, so I don't just do my usual spiderwebs...

This is what I have so far. Let me know changes or additions.

argh big leaning Cher
bang  BIG Honeybee
boo maybe big and skinny Patti
boo Brenda
clank extra angular Carol E.
eek wide/narrow maybe getting smaller Marge
groan short and fat Siobhan
grr tall, skinny, leaning ChrisQuilts
gurgle rounded and flat Lynda
hiss snake-like SS Tracey in CT
howl thin and growing Dionne
moan mix of big and small Beena
screeeech Clare
shriek really tall and skinny Lynne
slither low and wide Lynne
slither possibly leaning Rondi
snarl straight up and down ForestJane
slurp rounded and curvy Rachael
squeeeak Kathy
thump wide/narrow letters Cheri
trick or treat overlapped Katie
wooooo Sharon

The deadline to make the blocks is end of May. In the mail on 1 June, right?

Honeybee, I wasn't sure from your comment (and you're no-reply) if you just wanted to do bang or also wanted grunt rattle and howl. which would be really fun. All depends on how ambitious you're feeling. Send me an email if you want to chat about it, otherwise responding in the comments here works too.

I am so enjoying reading about the thinking that is going into some of these words, forming the letters by how they sound or by what creature it is that makes them. So very cool. Ya'all are wonderful.

I am happy to have more people play along, believe me. It might be one large quilt or a pair, who knows, I don't. It's just fun to play and explore.  It's so marvelous to see ideas that I never would have come up with on my own.

Anyone want to be the evil mastermind plotting to take over the world and do a mwa ha ha ha? Or an alternate spelling thereof. 

If you're new to making the letters please don't think that you have to make it complicated. Those O's don't have to be rounded (unless that's the font you've chosen). And every letter or word, no matter how misshappen you think it might be, can find a home in one of my quilts. Seriously. Maybe not quickly, because I am sloooow, but eventually.

One thing I forgot to mention in the last post is that I rarely use the graph paper to make an exact copy of what I've drawn. In fact, I don't think I've ever done that. But I use it as a guidepost. Cut fabric strips this wide, this bit will need to be at least this much long...

Okay, gotta run. Ya'all take care.


ilovebabyquilts said...

Those are the most adorable quilting motifs I've ever ever seen!!!

Helen said...

May I contribute your Mu Ha Ha???

And, by the way, I AM new to letter making.


MichelleB said...

I LOVE the quilting in your Halloween quilt. That skeleton is fantastic, as is the spider and web. And yes, the pumpkins, too!

Sharon said...

Love the skeleton. What type of needle do you use when you quilt with perle cotton?

jovaliquilts said...

I pulled my fabric for THUMP yesterday -- was going to do orange letters with b&w background, but now I'll do it vice versa so you can quilt creatively. Fun! And I love the idea of using graph paper to play around with letters.
Glad Pokey seems better.

Mary said...

I want to do Eek. Love and kisses to Miss Pokey and the other kids.
Mary C.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I love that ole skeleton. He is so cute laying there. Great job on all the designs!

Anonymous said...

That hand quilting looks awesome.

byneedleandthread said...

i want to play! if youre still interested. i remember you told me you can't reply to me here, but i don't know how to fix that.

YankeeQuilter said...

I know I said short and fat but well, they are just sort of fat...sorta. I'm new to this...anyways, it will be in the mail on Monday!

Beena said...

I'm so excited to be participating in this!

Wanted to share a halloween quilt I did with you. This is from a pattern of mine. You may get a copy along with my "moan" in your mailbox! Or maybe I'll make one for you, unquilted, to use as a block with some of the words...

Here's the link:

So nice to see the pics of Pokey in your previous post. The "america" is beautiful!

I took a typography class, and we had to use graph paper for one assignment. That may be really helpful with this project, too!

Carol E. said...

I'm sorry, but I am going to have to back out. CLANK is up for grabs again. I just can't promise to get it done by June 1. Way too busy between now and then. Once again I bit off more than I can chew.

laura said...

May I do a rattle... maybe a little ziggy-zag? And or a YIKES?
Very new at the chaos caligraphy, but will throw caution and fabric to the wind and see what happens!

kimberlym said...

I'll take the "clank" if it is still up for grabs, any suggestions in how to do the font? I don't usually have a font in mind when I have done the letters, I just wing it and see what they come out to look like. I'm sorry to hear about your knee-sounds like you should take the day and just put up your feet do a little hand quilting and kitty cuddling and call out for take out!

kimberlym said...

oh, and I LOVE! the quilting in this-the spider web especially!

Cher said...

good to know the deadline..looks like more players too...very fun.
so glad Pokey is much better!

Kim said...

This looks like so much fun....
where can I send my block?

jude said...

wow, isn't this fun, i like how you have done the figured contrast quilting. great!

jmb_craftypickle said...

I just love looking at the quilting on this quilt. I have come back to this entry a couple of times now, I just like it so much! The skeleton is too great!

Anonymous said...

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