Saturday, June 17, 2006

Inspiration: Write a Message

This is one of the quilts that I definitely wanted in the book and therefore decided to broaden the scope so that I could include instructions for coffee mugs/teacups. I've posted about it before here.

Inspiration: Write a Message

Say you want to make a quilt for a very special someone, a friend, or a family member. One way to get started is to sit down and write that person a message. You don’t have to send it, this can just be a way for you to get ideas.

Why does this person mean so much to you? Try to think of concrete examples. Write from your heart. Don’t worry if it’s maudlin or overly sentimental. Remember, no one ever has to see this.

It doesn’t matter how much you write. It could be a quick note or pages and pages. Later, you can work to condense your thoughts down to a few sentences.

Jill’s Coffee Quilt:

Dear Jill

You are a fabulous friend. Come over for a cup of coffee anytime.

Love, Tonya

Coffee was always an important part of my visits to see Jill and her family. The two of us would sit on the sofas in the morning and gab away while the house was still quiet. We’d have one cup each and then Jill would be off and running – she has about three times the energy I do. I’d have to have at least one more cup before I could even think of beginning my day.

When it came time to make this quilt, I left off the salutation and the signature. I wanted Jill to have a quilt to display that would have meaning for all her guests, not just be something for the two of us. But it does have meaning and it does bring up fond memories.

Keep in mind that you aren’t limited to the words that you piece – you can add additional words and sentences in your quilting, either by machine or by hand.

My quilts Dear Santa and Dear Mummy began this same way, although those are both humerous.

Back in the real world, my sweetie is in the other room napping with Pokey while watching a WWII movie. I decided to flee. Not that I'm happy with the computer at the moment. Can't make our renewed virus subscription work, drabnabit. I haven't actually done any more sewing, but quilted another fan arc.

In tv news, we've started rewatching season one of Chef, a classic british comedy about a loud, obnoxious (but very funny) chef. Reminds me of Tony Bourdain, whom I adore.


YankeeQuilter said...

Tony has a new book out about his travels with food and making the TV show. Sort or anything that can go wrong does go wrong. It looks good.

Love the coffe mugs...

Fiona said...

Like the mugs (and the coffee pot)- your friend must have been very touched to receive it.

Finn said...

Love seeing the coffee quilt again. Why should a blog be different from a favorite book...?? If we love it after one viewing, for sure we'll want to see it and love it again...*VBS*

Quilts And Pieces said...

I enjoy that coffee quilt so much. I"m not a coffee drinker, but the sentiments and colors are so wonderful! It is HOT here this weekend - in the 90's and nice and humid. I"ve tried to stay indoors as much as possible. Made me think of you!

Joyce said...

What a great idea. Reminds me of my Java Jitters but more liberated, which I really like.

Lily Mulholland said...

Yes this is an excellent idea for a quilt!

I would have fled the movie too. What is it with men and war flicks?

Deni said...

Tonya, I am so inspired by your work! Thanks also for the comments on my blog. I would really love to see you do a book! I would so buy it in a heartbeat! Of course I would want it autographed! I am going to play with the trip quilt and try the border suggestions you gave. I have a lot of fabric that looks like burnt wood. Since it is a fire quilt I think it would look great. Keep up the great work! Denise

Donna said...

I haven't seen "Chef" in years and years but remember it as a very funny show. Can't imagine it dubbed in french! :-)