Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Anna Williams Style - woohoo!

I finished LAWS (aka Love Anna Williams Style) the other day. I love it!

I haven't been able to take a really good photo - this is a little dark. But you get the idea. I did a bonehead move and washed the quilt in warm water. I had two boxes worth of Color Catchers AND some Synthropol in the washing machine, so I figured it would get out the bit of bleeding I was worried about.

Well, it did that - the purple onto pink is gone. But I ended up with a brand new, far worse spot of evil. That bottom right corner? The thin line of blue bled. Here's Lily, turning around to look at me after inspecting the damage (it's in the gold up above her head):

I didn't realize I fabric had bled until after the quilt went through the dryer. I washed the quilt again, this time using a tip I'd heard from my friend Kathy. I thread-basted Color Catchers directly onto the quilt in all the places I was worried about. This is what the block looked like AFTER the second wash (again with free-floating Color Catchers and OxiClean gel and Synthrapol) and dry:

Look at how well that worked. I'd have been soooo much better off if I'd done this the first go round in the washer. And used cold water. Sometimes I'm an idiot. Anyway, I really recommend the Color Catcher baste method for fabrics that are a concern. I didn't like doing it - the smell and feel of the catchers is icky - but worth it.

After the second wash didn't get rid of the bleed, I'm just living with it. Bothers me less all the time.

Before you even ask: I pre-wash all my fabric - except for the hand-dyes. That will now change for blue, purple and red. The fabric that bled is from the 90's, definitely not one from Dye Candy. I have had some Cherrywood deep purples bleed on me, though none in this quilt.

Speaking of LAWS and Dye Candy... Watched The Quilt Show episode #907 this morning with my husband. I didn't torture him with the whole thing, just the bits I'm in. Here's the trailer for the show:

I'm relieved. There are a few things that bug me about my performance, but overall, okay. Fun to see me hand quilting on LAWS way back in August of last year when we taped and now I've just finished it.

Some of the hand-dyes in LAWS are from Chris Daly of Dye Candy. I love her fabric, so I asked her to do the giveaway to the audience on The Quilt Show. I wanted certain colors (turquoise and olive) and she created them for me, which is pretty awesome. Right now she's having a giveaway on her blog, ending October 2nd. Chris just finished "Night and Day," the wonderful quilt she made as part of the Liberated Amish challenge. 

I've pinned Night and Day on my Pinterest board Quilts with Words and Letters. I've got other great quilt boards (and Halloween!) on my Pinterest too. I've recently added a Quilts - Anna Williams -y board for Anna's quilts and those who've been inspired by her.

Have ya'all seen the Crumb Along at Jo's Country Junction? I really like how she's structured her "along." Great place to get started/motivated on crumb piecing.

Willy Wonky did a great post on Andrea Balosky, aka Nyima Llamo recently. Andrea's work is gorgeous.

There is a great quilt exhibition called Bits and Pieces going on in Salem, OR. There are some amazing quilts on exhibit including some by people I've met on the internet and in person. These are liberated unruly quilts, and boy, do I wish I could see them. Nifty's "Inspired by Anna" is amazing. Oh, and some of these fab quilters are HAND quilters, so definitely go see the show if you can. (through Oct 15th)

My husband is home for awhile. I'll be happy when he's not away this much. So will he.

Woohoo, the new tv season has started. Important to a tv addict like me. I enjoyed the premiere of Pan Am and the first Secret Circle held my interest. There were a few I couldn't force myself to watch after I recorded them including Persons of Interest and Free Agents. Yay, Fringe is back as are Community and Parks and Rec. I only started watching the latter two over the summer and am now all caught up.

Pokey says it's naptime

which reminds me, The Quilt Life magazine's October issue (with Rumspringa, halloween quilts, and Pokey) is available in all kinds of stores now. It's a fun issue!

Ya'all take care. Later.


Leeann said...

That's a great tip of basting the colour catches. And again I really enjoyed you on the Quilt Show. I'm sure you have inspired a lot of people to have fun and add words to their quilts.

Teresa Rawson said...

Wow! What a fabulously loaded post!! Thanks for sharing your woes about fabric bleed with the rest of us...it's educational! I love the color catchers, and I am grateful to know about basting them to a project. I have some fabulous scraps someone gave me that I KNOW are bleeders...maybe I'll machine-baste them into a color catcher pouch and drop them in the machine...hmmm...

LAWS is stunning...really love that quilt. It makes me want to collect solids again...still have a few left from my "Amish period" about 15 years ago, but not the range demonstrated here!! I've got friends wanting me to join them in hand-dying, but I'm always afraid my lot won't end up vibrant, bright and bold. I wasn't able to play the video clip, but maybe that is because Steve is defragging my computer...I will look forward to seeing the real thing!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Nicole @ Patchwork Duck Designs said...

Love the quilt! It is colorful and fabulous, although I am sorry to hear about the bleeding issues. It's frustrating to have problems with washing...always "hold your breath" moment when you take a quilt out of the laundry.

Michele said...

Your quilt is breathtaking! Andrea's quilts inspire me too.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I love it too! It would be a great way to use up some of those little pieces (which I seem to be getting more and more of!).

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love the quilt - love it, love it, love it!

Did not know about basting the Color Catchers in place, gotta remember that one ... but, I almost always pre-wash my fabrics so I don't have quite the degree of angst when the finished quilt is washed the first time.

Off to go watch the show (AND hunt for a copy of the magazine!)

HUGS to YOU ...

Nifty Quilts said...

Whoo! When you do a post, it packs a wallop. So totally in love with your LAWS quilt. Wish I could see your stitches better, but I know they're great. Good tip about the color catcher. Almost makes me want to NEVER wash a quilt! But what fun would that be? The blue bleed just adds history and character. Loved your trailer. Not up to purchasing the membership to see the whole show yet.

Diane said...

I never knew what LAWS stood for till now! What a great quilt. I also second the comments about the color catchers. I use them when I prewash, but till I started reading this blog, it never occurred to me to use more than 2-3 of them at a time. The basting idea is fantastic.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Awesome! Everything here..but especially the quilt, the tip, the trailer, and the fabulous Pokey. Did I leave anything out ;) Fabulous fun in every sense of the word! LOVE THAT QUILT!!!!

Michele Bilyeu said...

NOOOOO...I left out the ever gorgeous Lily. Sorry, sweetie..you're beautiful, too!!!

Kim said...

Ha I loved the film clip of the show.....that is my MWAhahaha block you are talking about!

Gorgeous quilt....don't look at the bleeding fabric.....looks like batik to me :0)

Happy Sewing

Tamara Hampton said...

laundy nightmares... im sure you caused a few with this post. I use a laundry service, dont have a washer and dryer, shes an older lady and she kinda nods when im giving instructions you know that nod.. where they arent listening to you... and i know as soon as i leave she throws the brand new quilt in with a blue jeans... i know it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt, is it hand quilted?
I tried your no hoop quilting and it worked very well.

daveandlo said...

Beautiful quilt! You look great on the trailer and I'm sure you're wonderful on the show. I'll have to set aside some time to check it out. Hand dyed stuff is some of the worst fabric as far as bleeding. I would wash it before some of the commercially printed fabric, but maybe that's just me. I wash everything. Lois

Quilts And Pieces said...

I"ll have to find that issue! Can't wait to see it! Love your LAWS quilt! I th ink it is great!

Sujata Shah said...

The quilt looks amazing! I don't wash all my fabrics. I am always in a hurry to start the quilt. If I was one of those who washed their fabrics as soon as they get in the house, it would be a different thing.. My quilts are always unplanned and during the process I would really find it inconvenient to stop and wash the fabrics..
So the question is, what if they bleed after washing the quilt? I hope I can live with that. I have not had any terrible experiences yet.. But like LeeAnn said, it will be part of the history of that quilt!

Anonymous said...

So much to look at on your LAWS quilt ! It is so joyful and well-constructed (I mean the design work -would you say so ?). With you --and Nifty and many others-- solid fabrics have a glorious present and future.
I really love your new quilt. Thanks for all the links, Anna Williams quilts are awesome, and Andrea Bulosky's exhibit is very interesting.
As for bleeding... we wouldn't have noticed !
Take care

Bonnie said...

Amazing, just when you thought things were together, your washing machine decided it was time for a joke/prank. No matter, I love the quilt.

Your always remind me that I need to use more solids!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a super inspiring newsletter!



Chris Daly said...

Loved the episode. You were great! I'm glad you were able to watch it with your hubby. What a treat to have him there. I can't believe we had to wait a whole year to see it! Thanks for your kind words about my fabrics and all your support.

Here's a tip for removing excess dye from fabrics before use. If you have a top loading machine add your fabrics, synthopol and near boiling hot water. Soak for about an hour. The hot water will release much of the excess dye residue. Then run the fabric through a wash cycle using hot water.

Clare said...

Great post. You're sound a lot more up. Good! Having T home is obviously doing you the world of good.

I always always pre-wash. I can't describe the horror of having a red leach over an entire white block.

Tummy rubs for Pokey and Lily.

PS I found Some More fish fabric strips!

Kristin Shields said...

Boy, you are really getting around Tonya! I can't wait to see your episode. Do you know if Anna Williams' work has been featured in any books or magazines? Just curious.

cauchy09 said...

hooray! you know, i really love Anna's quilts and they inspired me to used bits and pieces. this is a gorgeous tribute quilt.

Deborah said...

I love, love, love the quilt!! WOW! Wish I had that in me. You did a great job.
I agree with Pokey, only for me it is now almost bedtime.
Love the clip!
Night, Deborah

Nina, the Wonder-Wench said...

Gorgeous quilt! :)

...I always worry about bleeding. I tend to pre-wash all fabric, but lately I've been trying to go beyond my comfort zone and quilt without pre-washing... I only do that for wall hangings, 1:12-quilts and such though. All quilts I intend to be in daily use and washed over and over I simply have to be as sure as I can won't bleed or go wonky in the wash...


Kristin L said...

LAWS looks fantastic! With all that color a little bleeding blends right in.

I loved the bit with Ricky doing the evil laugh. How fun is that?! Of course you're quilts are in an October issue. I'm gonna have to go out and get that one. I have a Halloween project that could use a little kick in the pants.

Julierose said...

Luv, luv your Lego tutorial..finally all those bags and bakets of 20-yr old strips I just couldn't throw out--a use for them. Thank you...a new follower and blogger Julierose

Em said...

So much LOVE in this post! I have been peeking for the Quilt Life and am excited to find it tomorrow. Nice to read that you hubby is home with you, I am missing mine so much and think of the months that you are separated and it inspires me to hang in there. I am hoping that with this length of post you are feeling better. Always love a new read from you. Love, Em

joe tulips said...

As I write, I am taking a break from hand washing/soaking my scrap bag of hand dyed fabrics. The water running down the drain is so pretty and full of color.
I love LAWS. My favorite part is the LOVE blocks in there. I see LOVE blocks in my future. Thank you!!

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

Fun quilt! And POKEY is LOVE! How sweet :)

Barbara Arcement said...

You did a great job on the show. I did not know you had a book coming out! that's great! I will have to look for it online!
I enjoy your blog.

pat sloan said...

wow I've not heard Anna's name in years... glad you mentioned her!