Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yet More Ugly

Ugh, I've gotten so swamped (having too much fun) that I am waaaay behind on posting photos of the uglies/bored with/too busy fabrics that have been arriving in the mail. I honestly have stopped opening up the packages cuz I don't want to get things mixed up and not know who sent what. 

Diane S sent these, which she says aren't all ugly, just some she's tired of. I think she knew I'd love the stuff with words so she made sure to include  those. And whee, the fruit - kiwi!

Helen B sent these. Some of these ARE ugly, including the one in the lower right - it made me cry when I saw it. Not because it's ugly but because my mom used to have that fabric. I kept little of her fabric after she died back in 1993. I wasn't interested in using those particular colors and tacky ugly prints from regular old fabric stores (instead of the more expensive quilt shop fabric I favored). Foolish me.

Ramona B's. I like the paisley print, but yeesh that Southwest intensively colored IS hard to use.

Erin Vesuviusmama. Oh yah, uglies here! I really do dislike a certain type of floral - they always read as horrible to me.

Mary G's. This set of strips made me so happy, thinking of my friend Linda whom I quilted with in the early and mid-90's. She had that flying pigs fabric and a couple of the other ones too. Hmm, Mary was smart and offloaded some of her millenium fabric. sigh.

Cathy K sent a huge bunch of fabric that I wasn't even able to display completely. Definitely a hideous fabric with teddy bears in tennis clothes and eek, teddies in clown costumes. And Cathy intentionally sent me sunflowers too.

Someone had asked if I was getting duplicates and I hadn't then. But then this batch showed up with two of the same milleniums (which had foreign languages all over it - woohoo!) and flags. Still with all this fabric that's pretty amazing.

Pokey came to sleep right in the middle of Cathy's strips. I love (in a serious love way) this pink fabric with children's storybook characters - I am NOT cutting it up.

Yes, I've been laying out the strips on the white lid of a bin. There are some fabulous colors in here - look at that intense 70's green.

Mad-Eye Lily getting in on the action too. I've been cutting up some of my own fabric too, to put in my quilt and to share with whoever else wants to make a Legos quilt.

I'm showing quilts at the Martin County Quilt Guild tonight. Bibi and Pokey slept here on a big pile of quilts for a good part of yesterday. Those are hideous black and white pillowcases protecting the real stuff - except for the one at the bottom which is a back.

I'm a bit nervous about doing this presentation, but at least I'm prepared. I just got the binding finished on LAWS and now I have to go pack my suitcase. Wish me luck!


Quilter Kathy said...

I'm sure you will be fabulous and the guild is lucky to have you there! Fun to see some of the lego fabrics!

Lori R. said...

I want to make a Lego quilt too! Will there be any tips and hints???

sewkalico said...

Good luck! you'll be great!! I'd love to be in the audience.
I still think my uglies are going to be up there with the worst you've had yet!!!

Kim said...

Wish I was going to be at your presentation.....I just know its going to be great. Best of Luck!

I got sucked into Lego's......its like Lay's potato chips.......hard to stop!

Happy Sewing

Chris said...

You will do great! Love your lego quilt. When I saw it the words Jelly Belly came to mind because it reminded me of a big old bag of jelly beans with tons of different flavors.

Jessica said...

about 5 years ago, my grandma decided she wouldn't make any more quilts and took me through her closet full of fabrics. She did all types of crafting as well as quilting and I took home two huge garbage bags of fabrics, some nice (awesome red & white prints) and some very ugly. There was one dusty blue calico that screamed early 80s and at first I said I didn't want it, but later that day a family friend brought over a quilt grama had given her-- drunkards path in that horrid dusty blue & white. I went right back to the closet and took it for my stash. I haven't used it yet, but i want gram's fabric now, ugly or not, because it was hers.
Thank you for sharing all this fabric with us through photos.. I've learned that all fabrics can be special..

Diane said...

Believe me, I have uglier, but some of these have really outworn their welcome. The one with the pink bowties and pastel squares is just horrible, and looks good with nothing.

The millenium stuff (which i bought heavily in 1999) is the worst. Need any Millenium M&M guys?
I have em.

Sharon said...

I'm sure your presentation is gonna be awesome . . . wish I could be there!!

I'm loving all the uglies you're getting, and I hate to admit how many of them are in my stash too. I'm still cutting some stuff to send to you. I could send you pounds and pounds of ugly fabric, but I'll resist! hee hee!

I think your Lego quilt is wonderful AND mind-boggling! I don't think I'll be joining in, but I'm sure enjoying watching the process/progress.

Nifty Quilts said...

I'm sure they all loved your quilts and you! Oh, those uglies are so great!!

Nina, the Wonder-Wench said...

Such hideously lovely fabrics! :)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my tiny letter from far away reaches you at some point... :)
Hugs! XX

Brigitte said...

I'm shure you did very well and the quilters where in heaven to see your quilts!
greetings from Germany
who just finished one single big letter - pic on my blog

Clare said...

Have you *still* got some of the purple fabric? It's in Blueberry Fool. I think some of it is in my liberated cabins. I've still got some strips left over.

daveandlo said...

I'm sure you did well in your guild lecture and hope you will tell "us" all about it. I recently did my first one and it went quite well and they paid me! Then, I bought more fabric.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Loving the uglies. :)

Teresa Rawson said...

It's amazing how very cool this quilt and Julie's are turning out. Who knoew that uglies could be so beautiful?? I'm so tempted to jump in...

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

OOH, I found some uglies today! package on the way!
Happy showing and telling!

Lynda said...

I have to say, that not very many of those fabrics are what I would term ugly! They will look fabulous in your quilt!

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

Yes you are getting some major UGLIES! Wow - it's hard to believe people have been keeping this stuff in their stashes for so long. I say: PURGE PEOPLE PURGE that awful stash!

Anonymous said...

Mary B put the quilt pieces together in a very creative way. I was wondering how she got that look. Excellent.