Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bibi and Howler

This is a non-quilting, kitty-photo post. I AM getting some sewing done (go check out my quilt progress in this post in the Liberated Amish blog). There is a lot of fun quilting going on in that blog - check it out.

Finally all the kitties have had their physicals. Habibi was the last to go and it was a bit traumatic. We didn't get a good capture and he got away under the bed. sigh. The good news is that he has no health problems and his teeth were in fine shape. Thank goodness for that. Here's a photo of him taken before he scraped his nose up sticking it out through the holes in his cage.

He was lying in the sunshine with his brother Howler:

Now Bibi gets to have extra canned cat food (the only way to get antibiotics in him). He's on drugs, Lily is still on them for her teeth... sigh. Howler is the only kitty who isn't medicated right now.

I've got more sewing and Olympics watching to do now!


YankeeQuilter said...

Had no idea Howler had gotten so big! Glad you got all the vet visits done for awhile so you can settle in and sew!

Darlene said...

What beautiful kitty-babies. It's obvious that they're well-loved and well-cared for. Here's hoping that everybody stays healthy and happy for a looooong time!

shannon said...

i love reading about your furry kiddos! looking forward to the book...

Your wonderful work has earned an award on my blog. Check it out.

Loris said...

Look at those sweet babies!
You are getting quite the experience with their care. I wonder if there are jobs for cat RN' would have quite a resume. They are looking quite good.

Sharon said...

Your two boys look so sweet together! And a great shot of Howler in the sunshine...probably the best way to get a black cat, especially with your white background. He looks so pensive....

Glad to hear that Habibi is pretty healthy! He's a very pretty boy. You have had quite a time with your babies lately! I hope they all get and stay healthy now.

Wow, you're getting some sunshine...ours didn't last long today. Not too cold here, and no snow, thank goodness, but pretty gloomy here. I'm getting tired of it!

Irene said...

Looked at the Amish quilt.
suggestion for words: 'mish mash?
and what about keeping the light in by a yellowish border?
I very mucht like the colors and piecing as you put them, not that busy by the way ;^}
good the cats ar e"done", at least the next months you need not to worry about them!

Clare said...

they all look really well, even though they are on various regimes. That last photo of Howler is wonderful. "I'm the boss. Okay?"

When I need some sunshine I'll come back and look at that photo. It looks so sunny and warm (sigh).

Teresa Rawson said...

Lovely pics of your kitty-doo's...when they are lying in the sun, they look like they are getting solar charged up for very green of them!!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Heather said...

Glad to hear they are all better. Sometimes even if they don't act painful, they feel so much better after the teeth are fixed that they seem like kittens again.

Unknown said...


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Tanya said...

And I can imagine the vet bills! You and me both!