Wednesday, January 04, 2006

needle size

I took down Christmas today. Kind of sad, but I'll be happy to see it again next year. Did chores today and worked on some computer stuff. All work and no play make Tonya a dull girl. But a box arrived in the mail today with my new Gilmore Girls--woohoo--so I'll probably vanish off the airwaves (cyberwaves?) for the next several days as I revel in my Girlness.

I did that whole bit on using perle cotton and embroidery floss and didn't even mention what type and size of needle to use. I know that "sharp on one end and with an eye that you can thread the floss thru" is probably not very helpful. I think (think think think) I use an embroidery needle size 5 but am not sure at all. I just have a little tin full of needles and really have no idea what they are. I think chenille needles are supposed to work as well. Somebody help me out here. Any ideas? Finn, what do you use for your perle cotton?


Hunter said...

Hi Tonya.

It's funny. When I decided to use the crochet cotton to tie Lucky Cat, I went through more needles than I care to say trying to find the sharpest, thinnest one that I could get the cotton through.

I didn't even think what a challenge that would be.

Take care and I hope you enjoy your DVD.


Anonymous said...

I have so many odd needles all over the place, I just keep looking until I find one that I can thread through the needle and is sharp enough for the fabric chosen. I really MUST make some sort of needle case. I get confused about which needles are supposed to be for what project. I do know I don't like betweens for quilting - they are just too short for me! I think I use either embroidery or sharps for most stranded cotton work.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Well I stock up on Chenille needles for perle cotton or crochet thread. Those work best for me. Othewise yes you have to go to an embroidery needle size 5 or something like that.

Finn said...

I'll just toss my 2 cents worth in here...I use crewel needles. I think that's what the package says(without digging it out)..Crewel/Embroidery or Crewel and Embroidery needles. If you find a favorite "one" make sure you keep it in a place you can find again. It's frustrating to want to stitch and not have a needle that works.

By the way, darning needles have GREAT eyes, but are so thick they are hard to pull through the fabric.

See you after the GilmoreGirls Ton...*G*

Deb Geyer said...

I saw someone at a workshop that had a little book for business cards that she used for storing her needles. The case had clear plastic pages with individual spots for business cards. The needle packages just slid into those spots. Looked like a good way to be organized. Haven't tried it myself yet, though.