Friday, September 16, 2005

My Bookshelves

I've been showing you my threadies recently, but now I'll show you where they live.

We have five bookcases in our living room. They're taking up valuable quilt-hanging wallspace, but we didn't have any choice with the number of books we have. And this is hardly all of them - I left a lot of my quilting books in storage, worried about going over our weight allowance. I'm the one with the fun reading material like sci-fi and mysteries; my husband tends towards the non-fiction.

This first bookcase is all mine, mine, mine. The top shelf has a pewter queen riding a cat switchplate frame (which of course doesn't fit around any of our light switches) and a picture of an alien, tulip, and sunset. There are also three of my threadies and some of my collection of onyx vases (which may be alabaster, not onyx, but I'm no geologist). I was told they were naturally this gorgeous turquiose color, but found out differently when a big glob of dye came off a new one I was cleaning. That's okay tho, I think they're beautiful anyway.

And here's backing up a bit. Now you can see more of my onyx collection. Some people say I have too much, but I love the way it looks.


Anonymous said...

You can never have too much of anything!!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh Tonya - those vases are gorgeous!