Friday, June 02, 2006

Lower-Case r n

Now we're nearing the end of the tutorial. Last up are lower-case r, n, m, and w. These are letters that you can make really easily or else throw in some slants. It's completely up to you.

A simple r could look like this:

A simple n would just have a strip of letter fabric down that right-hand side (an upside-down u). An m and w would be an upper-case E knocked over. I made Star Light with letters this way. Oh, and you can make m and w just like you made the upper-case ones.

I like angles, so I make my letters like this:

Now you could say "Tonya, why don't you do your u's with slants too?" And the answer to that is, I don't know why I just don't.

Start with a rectangle of background fabric and slice across it somewhere in the upper region. Kinda goes up and over to the right.

Insert a strip. On my r, I made it tapered, just like I did the t. After you've inserted the strip and trimmed up, add the letter fabric on the left-hand side.

After you've added the strip on the right side for the n, it looks a bit bizarre like the example on the left and the one at the top of this post. You'll lose that weird spot once you lose that top seam allowance, like the example on the right.


Dawn said...

grrrr, now I just need to get back to work on them! I need to make "pursuit" yet!

Judy said...

I thought I was coming to add another comment and then I remembered that all morning yesterday I tried to comment and blogger was acting rediculous!! SO now... love the letters! I actually had the most fun with the r's and n's. The "w" was the worst one of all, but I bet the more you do the better they are.

I just had to comment about your CSI comments. We love to laugh at how totally unrealistic that show is and I have actually read articles about how cops, lawyers, etc. HATE these shows because in our town and DNA test can take about 8 months of backlog! Plus if you watch Law and Order like we's the cops that order around the CSI guys like flunkies!! Yea, right the CSI gets to drill the "perps" for answers. NOT! But I still like the show.

joyce said...

I like the way you do both slanted pieces at once on the M and W so they are the same. I never thought of that but I think they look better that way and are probably easier to do. Thanks for the tutorial.

ForestJane said...

Ohh, I like CSI! lol

The only thing that caught me for a loop in looking at these pictures and descriptions is that some of the letters are black on a blue background... then right under them are blue letters on a white background. My eye was making the white in your M blocks in the next post as the letters against the blue. (So it looked like a white u with the two dots over it.)

Carmen said...

Tonya, I love your tutorials, and I know how much work goes into them, explaining every detail so that everyone understands takes a while! great work!