Friday, June 23, 2006

Quilting Details

It didn't notice until afterwards, but I hit my one year bloggiversary a couple of days ago. It's definitely been a great year of blogging - I adore all of you who stop by to read and comment.

Just to clarify my post from the other day, I wouldn't be going to Baghdad under any circumstances. If and only if (and it's not even a serious possibility) my sweetie were to go it would be an unaccompanied assignment. I would stay with the cats somewhere far away, probably in the states.

Speaking of Iraq, I stumbled across the blog of a woman writer who is working as a contractor in that country. Skyelark is fascinating reading. I found her when I was searching blogs for "quilt" - she was huddled sick and miserable beneath hers that day.

Every day I tell myself I am going to sit down and sew some more on the Liberty Teacups, but I can't seem to stop hand quilting. I don't know how well this pic is going to show it, but this is the second row of fans turning the upper left corner of Terms of Endearment.

You know how I said I was happy with how the quilted fans looked in the blocks that had the embroidery floss letters? Well, I hit a block that had a light background so now the arcs are showing up. It still looks okay, but I think it would have been better if the floss and thread weren't the same color.

Yesterday I did some errands (finally got some boxes mailed off that should have gone ages ago) and did a bit of shopping.

In answer to some of the comments on how I'm going to transport the cats in September: I am definitely going to talk to the vet about sedating them. I have heard that it's not allowed for animals in the hold because they could get hurt. We'll see how that goes. I'm going with my friend C tomorrow to get her cats chipped and check out the office where they do that.

We'll be flying on Lufthansa through Frankfurt - they have an excellent reputation for taking care of pets.

ForestJane asked why would I be carrying around 20 lb of alabaster... Well, it wouldn't be raw alabaster, but shaped into vases. Kinda like the ones I posted about way back here. There's no watercolor or landscape quilt in my future. I have just been playing with the blue scraps and sorting out the ones that would be good for my patriotic quilt(s).

Finn, I told ya I keep small scraps. When I was sorting them it was really a struggle to discard those smaller than 1" - but I did it. Put those into my "stuffing" pile.


joyce said...

Your quilt is looking great. I hope you are able to sort out all the problems of travelling with pets and that you all get to your destination without too much trauma.

Judy said...

Man your stitches are so tiny. Practice does make perfect! I have been working on my hearts quilt and I had to toss the hoop. Too confining for working with larger perle cotton stitches. Just wasn't working. It's actually coming out nicely with a big stich and then a pattern stitch in the corss sections. I'll show pics soon.

I like how your fans are going. I think it looks fine even with the same coloring. The quilt is looking really nice!

The cats will do fine, even if they get scared they will come out at the end and settle down in a bit. Positive thoughts are with you!

anne bebbington said...

Happy bloggiversary - I look forward to reading yours whenever I find a new addition - those alabaster vases are just the most fabulous colour - I don't reckon you could ever have too many even if they were wall to wall :o) - just on with the smaller letters on the footballers names now - boy this is addictive - the smaller you go the smaller you want to :o)

Dawn said...

Oh I think the fans look great! I wish I could find more time to sew again. I was on a good roll until I told Emily we could get the dog and Adam had to sign up for classes for college. Now I'm just running around trying to get things done again!

Lois R. said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

The quilting looks fabulous!

Lily said...

Woohoo a year of posting! I'm very happy that you do as I love reading your posts.

Love the fans. I aspire to such neat and tiny hand quilting! Practise, practise, pratise!

The cats may take a little while to forgive you, but forgive they will. I am sure they'll all travel okay.

Finn said...

Hey Ton,was here yesterday, but Blogger wasn't loading the comment section in a timely way..*VBS* Good ole blogger!

I am very proud of you for managing to put some of those small scraps in your "stuffing" pile...LOL...I noticed they didn't get pitched..LOL good for yoU!!!
I see the Sio is on her way..the pack out! Such a lot to take care of, I'm keeping her in my thoughts and prayers til she's settled again.

The Liberated QM Book..yes, '96... I borrowed Betsy's at that time. I was so proud of myself for getting it quilted and bound in a reasonable time frame. But I do have to do realize that '96 was ten(10) years ago??? Right?? TF is older than that, but not his quilt..*VBG*

Nellie Bass Durand said...

I've gottten over feeling quilty about "not doing what I could OR should be doing" when spending all my time on a project during that first rush of enthusiasm for it. That's when the most work gets done. We all know that moment when "it" becomes work and we can't wait to be done with it.

Ann said...

Hey Tonya! I'm way behind on my blog reads because of the new job. Worked 51 hours this week and haven't had time(or energy) to do much when I get home at nights. But wanted to catch up with everyone and let you know you can count on me, too to buy your book! Like the others, I will want an autographed copy!! Your masterpiece is beautiful! Love the colors in it.

Good Luck with the cats! I'm sure everything will be fine.

YankeeQuilter said...

Cats are going crazy in our empty house...I have no idea how they'll take the drive to New Englsnd! Sedation is sounding good right now. How would piles of catnip do?


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ForestJane said...

Happy bloggaversary toooooo youuuuu!

My two actually like the carrier... until I shut the door, :) But they also like grocery bags and boxes of any kind.