Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's in Here?

Putting away groceries, turn around for just a second, and what do you get?

I've spent far too much time the last few days doing boring but important computer stuff. Had endless problems trying to renew my anti-virus subscription. Amazingly enough, the company was more than willing to cancel that and let me buy the new program instead. Hours and hours of downloading later (the joys of dial-up) and endless frustration trying to activate, the computer is now set up and happy. Life would be so much easier if I actually understood computers and tech jargon.

Well, it finally feels like we are going to be moving this year. We have our flight reservations to go back to the the states in mid-September. For the humans anyway. It takes days of paperwork apparently to get the cats set up. The little ones will be in the cabin with us and the big boys are going as excess baggage.

I have a bad feeling about moving the big cats. Howler in particular just freaks out at the sight of a cage. I think there is a possibility the vet is going to say he won't sign the health certificate for Howls - too wild. Howler isn't mean, just terrified and panicy. I was reading the airline info and the animal has to be controllable... d'oh. And adjusted to being in a cage. The only way I can think of to do that is to leave the food in the cage from now on. Howler will probably sneak in there at night, but otherwise it'll be diet time.

I've also been given a packet of info about Paris and embassy housing. That's making it feel more like we're really going. Not that I'm counting my chickens. My good friend L was scheduled to leave here a couple of weeks before us with her next post in an exotic land with great shopping. Instead it's now rush rush to get her out of here next month for her new assignment in Baghdad. Aiyee.

Definitely need to think Paris. Much better option. One of these days I'll actually start working on the parlay vous thing. And I definitely need to get a calendar out and start figuring when things need to be done by. Packout and getting the car shipped... First off tho is microchipping and rabies shots for the cats. Ohjoy.

Quilting is going well. I've turned the top left corner. Love how the fans look.


Lily said...

Tonya, I'm glad you checked before you shut the cupboard.

I don't suppose Howler can be sedated for the trip? Sounds like it will be a real ordeal for him (and you). And the little ones in the cabin! Never seen that before :)

I'll think positive Parisian thoughts for you. Bonne chance!

Finn said...

Great cupboard picture Ton...LOL, a furry friend of mine, Mercy, was even known to hop up into the refrigerator, given the chance...seems there isn't much they won't try.
So sorry to hear you have a friend bound for Iraq(Iran?) not good either way. Glad you are headed to Paris. Hope everything works out with the kitties..*VBS*
Meantime I'll hold postive thoughts for a successful outcome! Boy, I hate moving!

joyce said...

Moving can be such a drag but with Paris at the end it just might be worth it. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you to not be suddenly sent to Iraq (although there could be interesting fabrics there!) and that everything goes well with the cats.

Dawn said...

Well I"m still hoping it all works out and I'm hoping I get to play with you this fall!!!

Wow, you will have your hands full for sure with all the cats and stuff you need to do!

YankeeQuilter said...

Leaving the cage out with food in it is working well for Brownie. She used to do the spread-eagle thing whenever we tried to get her in the cage but last night she acually slept in it! (of course not having any furniture may have something to do with it!) Lists, lists, and more lists...I want to have a bonfire when our move is over! It is worth it in the is worth it in the end...(the new mantra!)

anne bebbington said...

Don't cats just love to sneak into any confined space for a 'look-see' - you can see where the phrase "Curiosity killed the cat" came from

It must be very unsettling not to be sure until the last minute where you will move to - I hope it is Paris and not somewhere 'under fire' - as Lily says - Bonne chance!

Fiona said...

There are great fabric shops in Paris at the bottom of the steps up to Sacre Coeur and Montmartre - keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Judy said...

Definitely leave out the carrier for Howler and put his food in there. He'll starve for a few days and then rush in and out, until he figures out that he can GO IN and GET OUT and still be okay. It worked for us for both cats, they play in ours when it's out.

I agree with Lily, Massive Kitty vallium. Ask for it, he'll sleep the whole trip, or he won't care and either way it's all good.

Sorry for your friend. I think I'd die if I had to think of moving to Bagdad. DO people actually live there? Americans, I mean? I'd have to have my own bottle of vallium to survive that. PARIS it is!

Plus, I'm waiting for all those great Paris pictures. I'll never get there, most likely, so I have to live through somebody!

Holly said...

See if the vet will give you sedatives. A friend of mine obtains sedatives for her dogs for fireworks seasons and days that it thunders a lot. I think it's terrific you are taking them with you.

Ann said...

I have always given my cat and dog a sedative called acepromazine, that the vet prescribed, when I flew with them. Works pretty good. The dose is according to weight.
Good luck!
I loved Paris, hope you do too!

Karen said...

That's wonderful that you can take your kitties with you. It will be wonderful to read your blog posts about interesting places in .... PARIS. How long will you be back in the United States?

Katie said...

Yup, valium changes the cat howls to snores. Another suggestion I found really helpful - line the cage with large adult diaper. Stress causes accidnts. Take extra for the carry-on cats. I also gave my carry-on cat valium so people didn't have to listen to him for the whole trip. But then sometimes you listen to children cry the whole time so... Make sure the cages are regulation with the specific airline. Each can be different and fussy, ie size of water dish. Also send a message to the crew that you have animals in hold. They can keep air blowing on them if delayed on the runway etc. Also, do they have special delivery of the animals in hold or are they put on the cart with the suitcases to be delivered to and from the plane? I've seen cages so blocked by suitcases that the animals couldn't possibly get air. Here I only fly my animals in-hold on NW Air because they have all these special things including a special area in hold with air and temp control for them. They only have two spots so limit the number of animals they take. The animals are delivered via an air conditioned van. Costs big bucks (three times the amount of my ticket) but if I can't assure my animals safety and comfort, I don't want to fly them. Best of luck!

Lois R. said...

Aiyeee is right! I just don't know where to begin commenting on this post!

Pokey looking gorgeous again! Dang, that is one gorgeous cat! Feeding Howler in the cage is a great idea. I will keep all of my digits crossed that everything goes well with their transport.

I'm so sorry I won't be in the DC area in mid-september. I would have loved to meet you in person!

I'll also be keeping all of my digits crossed that you go to Paris, and not Baghdad! It sure is frustrating not knowing for sure, huh?

Fingers and toes crossed!

ForestJane said...

It looks like Pokey fits right in with the mixed nuts... lol

When mine get in the cabinets, they don't do it neatly, they push everything else out and knock things over. Toby has discovered the cabinets over the top of the fridge, and he's pulling out the things I never use much, like my old wedding presents from the 80's.

Clare said...

Have you come across Ronica's blog yet? ( Worth reading.

Is there any chance off getting Howler used to sleeping in the cage by putting his favourite blanket/box in there, as well as the food and water?

When we moved out there, admittedly by car, I let our cat (now sadly gone to Rainbow Bridge)out of the crate as soon as we got this side of the Channel. She was so freaked out she slept under the passenger seat for 8 hours!

Rather Paris than Iraq quoi!

Perhaps we might finally get to meet up in 2007!

Oh and try the Michel Thomas CD's. Very good.

Claudia said...

Paris! Good for you. My BIL&SIL have been posted to Paris too, which will be a relief for them after their current post and the political conditions there. Hopefully they'll be there by September so we can visit in October ;-)