Monday, June 12, 2006


The kid is back in action. I was reading Cascade Lily, who had been issues trying to post pics on Blogger, who said that she switched to the Mozilla Firefox browser and all of a sudden she was working again. I thought, it certainly couldn't be that easy, but why not give it a shot since I'm stuck in a rut here.

Well, whaddaya know. I guess since Google does both Blogger and Mozilla they play together that much better. Ah, success. Easy as pie and the Firefox imported all my stuff from Explorer so I just have to realphabetize but it's so doable. Plus for those of you who suffer from eye fatigue, Mozilla says they have a function where the browser will read aloud to you. Worth checking out. Oh, and the browser is free.

Speaking of Lily, go read about how she met her husband on a Mt Everest hiking expedition. So not for me, but the pics are gorgeous.

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Clare said...

Hi Tonya,

Glad you have recovered - you sound really chirpy!

I think Blogger was really slow for a while over the weekend - in fact the whole of the internet was really slow. Something to do with the World Cup perhaps.

You have found Firefox! I use it, and their email package, Thunderbird, is great.

Clare x