Sunday, June 11, 2006

No pics

I'm continuing to have problems with Blogger, which is making me very, very cranky. My "post formatting" is all messed up and I can't post pics or links or do all sorts of things that I love to do. I've got a huuuuge list of links I need to post. Maybe if this continues (aiyeee) I'll see if I can figure out how to do the links using HTML. Will be a pain but is theoretically possible. I've requested help from Blogger, so I'm hoping this will be straightened out shortly.

Meanwhile, I've been quilting, quilting, quilting. I've finished the fans all along the outer border and have now moved into the name block. No more smooth sailing for me. Now I have to contend with numerous seams. I haven't touched my sewing machine. Keep thinking I need to, but the hand quilting is relaxing. I'm still feeling a bit "off" unfortunately.

Yeah, very cranky. Can't believe how not being able to post pics and links is messing me up. so rather than cranky ranting, I'm gonna sign off and go quilt some more.


Lois R. said...

Blogger has been giving me problems left and right too. What a pain! The other day I got two copies of my post on my blog and there are comments on both, so I can't just delete one. Argh!

And I nicked my left pointer finger with a knife this morning, so now I can't touch type. I'm feeling about as cranky as you are. Hope you're feeling back to normal soon!

Besides, no pics today just gives us something more to anticipate!!!

YankeeQuilter said...

On got on the computer this morning still worried about you from the last post and now you say you've been quilting up a storm! Pheww! I'll place the blame on Blog for the delay in letting us knw you lived...Glad to hear you are doing better -even if cranky.

joyce said...

Blogger drives us all crazy from time to time but I still wouldn't want to live without it anymore. Glad to hear you are feeling some better. Waiting with great anticipation to see your quilting project.

Judy said...

I can certainly commiserate, except that I knew it was fixable on my end, which is definately better than your situation...Yours is worse, with you having no control over fixing things. Yuk! Hopefully they will get back to you soon. Glad you are feeling well enough to quilt and having a good time doing it! Can't wait to see the progress.