Sunday, July 16, 2006


Just as I was writing this post, I noticed my little cats sleeping in separate boxes. We leave boxes around for just this very purpose, but this is a first. That's Lily on the left and Pokey on the right.

Wow, what an incredible bunch of wonderful people you are. I've been amazed and thrilled at the response to the challenge I proposed the other day. If we all finish our quilts, that will be at least 20 quilts made for babies and children in need. Wow.

Rather than just diving right in, which is my usual way of going about things, I want to plan this out so that I can post the directions all in one go, rather than do them in dribs and drabs. I hope to have it done within the next couple of days, so we can play while everyone is excited about the idea. Not that there is a time limit on this - if you're busy now, you can make this project whenever you have the time.

And here is a good picture of Howler the unphotogenic. He likes to sleep on our bed, but this was the first time I'd seen him with his head on the pillow like this.

I've been really happy about Howler. There I was so sure he was going to have a meltdown about the cat carriers being out and the trip to the vet, but he has been a trooper. He's actually been a touch friendlier. Twice this week he has jumped up on the couch while I've been sitting on it. Very good for the timid boy. He hasn't hung around for long, just sniffed at things and then departed, but it's progress.

Okay, I have to go sew now and take photos. I'm excited about this challenge - in fact I couldn't get to sleep last night my mind was so busy mentally writing it up.


Hanne said...

Good morning to you and your lovely cats :-)
While waiting for you leading us in challenge I will do a dive in my orange, pink and yellow scraps today - for the same purpose, a care quilt for a child in need. The Norwegian Quilt Assosiation has a centralized hand out of quilts to seriously ill children (up to 18) at several hospitals. The children get to chose and keep their quilt.
Hopefully I will have block photos later today :-)

Lily said...

Oh you did literally mean boxes!! I used to put out boxes for my cats too. They just love them. Must be a throw-back to ancient caves or somthing!!

The Leap Challenge sounds like a very exciting idea. Maybe down the track for me :)

quiltpixie said...

Sounds like Howler is like one of my cats. I don't know what happened to her in a previous life, but its taken almost 4 years for her to get comfortable rubbing around my feet for a pet once in a while... She's still skittish -- runs at the first sudden movement or loud noise, but is more friendly as hte years go by and she comes to believe we're not going to hurt her

Susan said...

I've had cats who loved boxes. Almost as much fun were the ferrets who loved grocery bags. Cats and ferrets are much alike.

I'll be waiting patiently for directions for beginning. I'm thinking purple and orange - Phoenix Suns colors! Or lime and fuschia. I'm kinda stuck on those two lately.

Finn said...

Morning Ton, adorable fur friends pics this morning!! *VBS* I know that you know this already, probably...*G* I supect your high brain function friends already know that change is blowing in the wind. I amazes me the things that change when something is in process with their humans. Back in 1990, my walking love with a tail, was Charlie. He accompanied me across the yard each morning to open the quilt shop. He adored all the family members including my Dad who was living with us, and didn't know much about cats. Dad spent the last few weeks of his life down at the local nurisng home..needing the morphine drip for the last stages of bone cancer. Obviously no one explained to Charlie what was going on, but he seemed to know that we needed him and his lap love.
The end came on a saturday evening about sundown. When everything was taken care of, and I was home again, the kids and DH and myself gathering in the front room to talk about Grandpa. It was a rough spot for the youngest, Justin. He was Grandpa's golden boy. He was 14, but a very late bloomer. I sent him up to bed about 10. Charlie was just laying in the archway of the living room watching everything. Justin went up the steps, calling good night. And then, about a minute or two later, Charlie got up, glanced at us, and trotted up the steps. I didn't see him anymore until I checked on the kids, and there he was, laying on Justin's bed..right up against him. You couldn't convince me that Charlie didn't know where he was needed. He stayed all night with Justin. First time that had happened, and we'd had him since he was a kitten. Your babies know Ton..and I'll bet you know that they are anticipating the change that is coming. It'll be first for them, after all. Hugs, Finn (who is ready to play whenever the fun begins) *VBS*

Judy said...

It may be that Howler saw you as being his "rescuer" from the nasty vet and now you aren't so bad in his mind, even cool enough to seek out and sit next to!! Egads! When the boys were little they timidly jumped on the couch and you could almost see it dawn on their faces where they were and then they'd jump down quickly!!

I though I had mentioned below about the challange!! I'm cool to play along, can't hurt to have another donation quilt!!

ForestJane said...

Cute pix!

Are you still leaving the carriers out for them to get used to?

I'm going to watch the challenge, but probably won't start it till I get some of what I'm already doing finished!

Tazzie said...

Ohhhh lordy, I think I have Growler's long lost sister over at my place, I'm putting a picture of her there for you to see ... Her name is Madaline, but I call her 'Wilderpuss'.
I'm so looking forward to working on your project, thank you so much for taking the time to do it for us all! You've no idea how appreciative I am.

Dawn said...

OH good for Howler! He is as hard to take a photo of as Chloe, pictures of her just don't do her justice! Hope you get some sleep! Don't plan those instructions too much!

Mama Lu said...

If you took a brushful of white paint and drew a stripe down Howler's front, starting at the nose, you would have my boy, Wandering Aengus, aka Gus. I think it's the somewhat wary expression. Gus got his name, because he was a stray, and he still has the stray mentality--however good things are, they may not stay that way.

I'd like to join the challenge. I'm beginning to think that preferring to hand quilt makes me a maverick, but I do need to step outside my box, and I love words, so it's a perfect opportunity.

Katie said...

So great for us that you are sew busy. Anxiously waiting.