Friday, July 14, 2006

Eye Adore Finn

Happy Bloggiversary, Finn. I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that you came to blogland to play with us.

I made Finn a crusty (short for "encrusted" - a little quilt with lots on it) a while back when she was having eye troubles. Since she finally got it in the mail, I can now post a pic.

This probably has too much on it. I decided Finn has a great sense of fun, so I might as well go on over the top. I think if I were keeping this for myself I might take all those buttons off (except for that groovy pupil - the background has swirlies in it that match, but it's hard to see that now with all the stitches on). If this hurts her eyes to look at she can close them and feel it - a braille quilt.

The eyeball is actually made from Egyptian fabric that friends got me back in the mid 90's when they came for a Nile cruise.

Sorry, don't know how large this is - I forgot to measure. 6" x 6" at a complete guess. Oh, and Laura asked how big American Houses is. That's another guess, but it's about 55" across and longer than that going down.

Tour de France update: My hubby is convinced the Discovery Channel really do have a new strategy - it's called losing. Hard to believe the boys in blue can do it, since they are sucking so badly right now. At least Floyd Landis, currently ahead, is a former teammate of Lance's so that gives him bonus points. At least I got a bunch more quilting done while watching, as well as kitty loving. Lily has been jumping up into the crook of my arm for belly rubbings and sleeping.

I'm going to spend the afternoon hanging out with friend L. since she's leaving far too soon so we gotta have fun while we can. A trip to the Khan al Khalili souq is out. There's a big mosque and public square right beside it that is used for protests. Expect there may be a turnout with what's going on in Israel and Lebanon right now. Sigh.


jenclair said...

Lucky Finn! Such a marvelously fun piece!

Dawn said...

Finn's crusty is wonderful! And I DONT think it has too many buttons on it - i think that is what makes it so fun! Your stuff is just too fun!

Karen said...

How nifty. And the buttons are wonderful, lots of vintage ones!

Judy said...

Ow!Ow!Ow! Very pretty indeedy!! I like the buttons. I know some of those are old ones becasue I have some just like it from granny's button box...the tiny red squares!! Either they are old or it's a popular style!!

Finn said...

You know "eye" adore it!! There is not one single thing I could/would want changed.

For me the gift is in the giving. You know I'm absolutely "mad" about you and your kooky way of being the world...and I am sort of an over the top, and under the bridge kind of gal...LOL

In a college art class,a friend had done 3( almost) life size goat scuptures. 3 stages of life, the idea of Virgin, Mother and Crone.
When the year ended he has no place to take them ...and the one people seemed uncomfortable with was the very, very pregnant one. LOL...she came to live with me, and graced my living room for quite a few years. Wish a had a picture of her. Maybe in my slides, I'll have to check.
My very own crusty is perfect for me.."eye"m blessed by your friendship..*S*

quiltpixie said...

this is a lovely crusty -- my favorite style for embellished work (though I'm often too timid to go there....)

Susan said...

Can never have too much stuff. =)

ForestJane said...

Eye'd have to be your pupil, cuz iris I could learn to do this... :)

Seriously, what a sweet thing to do for finn! I like the stripey fabric for the eye best of all, and the variety of buttons is great.

Claudia said...

Love it. And too much? Never. If it isn't too much - it isn't enough!!!

Laura said...

Ohhh Lucky Finn - what a fantastic Crusty! Love it! And your quilt is much larger then I thought it was! Pictures just don't tell the complete story!