Friday, May 19, 2006

Sweet Kitties

Trust me when I see that most of Cairo does not look like the pics I showed you yesterday. The vast majority of it is concrete. We're lucky down here in Ma'adi. The British planned this community in the 1920s and it used to be full of huge villas. They did a great job of planting trees. Unfortunately lots of the villas have been torn down and apartment buildings put up but the trees are still here.

ForestJane asked if it was time for pics of the kitties. She must have telepathy - they were photogenic yesterday. Right after Pokey gained her freedom from the closet she ran into the computer room and curled up in the sun by the window. Habibi joined her awhile later.

You have to keep in mind that Habibi is three times the size of little Pokey, who really is full grown - she and her sibling Lily are over 2 yrs old now. Pokey and Bibi play together and I laugh everytime I see Pokey chasing him down the hallway.

Lily loves her boxes. This one is on the couch. She prefers to be sideways - rather than inside - usually with one leg stretched out like this.

No pictures of Howler. I tried to get one of him this morning, but he ran away. Typical. He doesn't photograph well anyway - he comes out as a big black blob. I read in a magazine that ginger-colored cats are much friendlier and calmer than black ones. Certainly true in our household and Bibi and Howler are brothers.

Finn, don't worry about me giving away fabric with memories. Lots of them have never been used. Isn't that embarassing to admit. And some I won't ever use again. I can't stand fabrics that have a rough feel to them or that look like the color is just brushed on - not soaked in and rich.

I'm donating scraps to a worthy cause. I'll tell you more about it one day when I have pics.

Lily, I often have two quilts going at once (okay, far more than that - but I mean actively working on). I get bored easily so it's nice to switch between sewing and quilting. Right now I have a glut of tops, but I know that I will be without my sewing machine for at least 2 month this year. Quilt tops are easy to transport, so I'm going to take those with me, rather than have them packed up and freighted along with all my other belongings.

Additionally, I am trying to be rather serious about working on the book, specifically samples for the book. Plus I'm hoping to inspire some of you to work on the letters so that there are even more samples.

Maranatha165, try the letters out using your traditional fabrics. They'll look great, really. Go take a look at some of Bonnie's, like her Shoo Fly.

I tell you, if I was back in GA right now I'd be raiding Bonnie and Siobhan's scrap bins (okay, if Sio's weren't all packed up) so that I could make a more traditional looking quilt using the improv methods. It'll work guys, really. The word quilts don't have to look this whacky. That's just me - I can't seem to help myself.

I've done some sewing already this morning. I make that sound like an achievement, but since it's almost 2 in the afternooon, it's not so impressive. I have half the borders on Hot Crazy and several lower-case letters done for the tutorial. It's time to get back to work, but I wanted to say hey to you all first.


Andi said...

I love the idea of a book! I have some dedicated quilting play time tonight, so I will try some letters and let you know how it goes!

Finn said...

Great pictures of the 4 leggeds at rest...such a peaceful scene..*S*

Thanks for easing my worry Ton, let's just say I learned the hard way regarding fabric giveaway. I do wish you were close enough to raid Bonnie's and Sio's scraps, for lots and lots of reasons..*VBS* Maybe they can pass some on while you are stateside?Or maybe with Sio in England and you just across the channel??

And thanks for the kind comment you left me..*S*, I know. I gotta start untangling myself from the obligation quilts...soon, while I still can see to do what I really want to do.

Judy said...

Well, yesterday I was thinking about this leftover's quilt and I decided to add some words to the border. I'm still thinking, but I'll let it be a surprise. Can you use some letters using 30's prints? It's going to be quite a fun quilt if it all comes out of my mind and onto the fabric the way I envision it in my head!

Great pictures of the fur babies, mine do the same thing with doors, closets, cabinets...anything. We went to bed the other night and Noodle was missing. Both always get on the bed when we first go to bed and I figured he's somewhere. After about 5 minutes I made the sweetie go check my sewing room ..we keep that door closed at night because they love to steal all my fabric and stuff. Door opend and out rushes the devil, who sneaked in and hid after I got eveyrone out!

Laura said...

Habibi looks like our Maggie cat. I have had Mariah's quilt laying out next to my machine (Which sits by a window) and yesterday the sun finally shown so guess where she took her nap! I spent forever rolling cat hair off of it.

Judy said...

I menat to tell you a trick that worked for in getting lingering smells out of things. I read where you said the stain smell in your new chest was still strong. It's not pretty, but a cup or jar of Kitty litter will soak up smells.

Make sure to change it as it gets filled up with scent.

Lily said...

Tonya that's a great idea on stockpiling your quilt tops for when you'll be without your machine. Bet you've got quite the hoard now :)

Your cats are very cute. Love Lily in the box. I used to have three cats and the eldest liked to hang out in boxes too. I used to make kitty houses for her out of several big boxes joined together by smaller boxes and she would sneak into different parts of the house and try to swat me through the 'windows' I'd cut! It was lovely and I miss not having a cat now.

ForestJane said...

Awww, ty for the pix!

Couldn't help but laugh at Pokey in the top one, to me that right back paw looks Soooo uncomfortable! But there she is, napping.

I haven't turned my air conditioning on yet this month, and my two are sacked out on the couch, in stretched out in limp, 'it's HOT' poses.

Dawn said...

ooo yes, small letter tutorials! That will help me finish up my life and liberty quilt!!!! yeahhh! The kitties actually look cute in the pics! That is the way I like them, cute and in pics!

The Lone Beader said...

I love there kitty pics. The kitty in the box is especially cute. In college, my roommate used to have a cat named Zoe who always slept in a box:) Also, thanks for visiting my blog:)

JudyL said...

Tonya, I am not a great fan of cats but yours are so cute and those pictures almost make me want to get a cat!

Judy L.

Simonetta said...

Ohhhh, they is so beautiful:)))) I adore the cats!!!!

Lois R. said...

Tonya, Loved the pics of the fluffies. Bibi and Pokey remind me of my Sarris and Penny. The little flirt, Penny, can't stay away from the old boy and he has never acted as young as he does when she's around.