Monday, May 08, 2006

Fever Dreams

Here's a another applique from Fattoh and Sons. It has nothing to do with the subject of today's post, but it looks pretty.

I'm a sickly pathetic girl. That illness my hubby had last week? Well now I've got it. Fever, nasty stomach cramps, nausea, and another symptom I'm just not gonna detail. Haven't actually yacked and my fever hasn't gone above 100 degrees. I can't really complain cuz my sweetie had this much worse - his temp hit 103. He was a sweetie yesterday and came home early (aka, didn't work any extra hours) to take care of me.

Watched all of season one Gray's Anatomy. I wish they'd get rid of the voice-over - makes Meredith so much whinier than she needs to be. Patrick Dempsey - ah, remember "Can't Buy Me Love?" - I was just the right age when that one came out.

Pine Ridge Laura has got me thinking about doing a book. Again. I did attempt it once before but it didn't work out. I think I can happily narrow the focus this time to just the letters. I do remain adamant that there will be no patterns. Don't like 'em, don't need 'em. Some "inspirations" or "ideas," not quite sure what to call them, but no patterns with yardage amounts. And a "student" gallery of quilts that have used the letters as a starting point and gone their own direction.

I just have to look at the remarkable quilts that some of you have made with minimal guidance to see that it can be done. One of my favorite quilts of all time is Bonnie's The Best Things - I can't say enough positive things about it. And I hope she'd let me put a pic of it in my book, assuming there ever is such a thing. That quilt and another one with letters that I know she's got on the back-burner somewhere...

I think this book should be about making incredibly personal quilts, using free-pieced and quilted words.

So hopefully this isn't just the fever talking. I think it's doable. I'm hoping that all you who are interested will help me out. If you've used the letters, please give me feedback.

And of course there are no promises, no guarantees that this project will ever come to fruition, but if some of these ideas appeal to you and you'd want to make the quilt anyway, then try out some of my inspirations and maybe you can get a pic of your quilt in the book... If there ever is one. And working without using one of my ideas - I love that too.

Here's one "inspiration", a family love quilt, like this one. Make it your way, in your colors about your family (oh, okay, or about someone else's family if it's a gift, but you get the idea). It doesn't need to look like mine, in fact it should NOT look like mine. It's got to be YOURS. Take the idea and run (sew?) with it in any direction you choose.

The one thing I'd request is that you not use someone else's copyrighted blocks as part of any work that you would like to have considered for the book.

Whaddaya think? Am I making any sense?


Lily said...

oh yes go for it TOnya! You're an inspiration to many of us and you have such an original take on quilting that you'd find a ready-made audience I'm sure. And you definitely shouldn't have patterns!! LOL.

And how lovely that your blogfriends would have the chance to have their Tonya-inspired masterpieces included in the book!

And that tentmaker applique is pretty!

joyce said...

Best idea I've heard in a long time.I've never had so much fun quilting as doing the letters. What about including the wonky houses? They go together really well and are similar in nature to do. What a great way to use up scraps, too. Go for it!

dot said...

Great idea. I was wondering in the back of my mind why you hadn't done this already. I like it.

KCQuilter said...

Oh, I so-o-o wish you would do a book. I visit your blog everyday just to see what terrific ideas you've come up with!!! That would be handy to have it all in one place LOL and I would definitely buy it!

Finn said...

Hey Ton, thank you for the kind words over at Pieces, means alot coming from you.*S*

I think the world is just about "primed" for a book by you. The same liberated quilters that inspired you, have begun the process. The Gee's Bend quilts have re-inforced it. Even Mary Lou Weidamann has added a piece to free form. If you gals haven't seen her book "whimseys and Whynots" I highly recommend trying to get a peek at it. It's pieced backgrounds and free form applique. She has a second book...something about Angels.

Anyway, yes, yes, yes Tonya, if you can do it....PLEASE DO!!! From where I sit, the free form letters are truly YOURS. Used in bits in other books, but nothing like your word quilts. Most letter/word ideas I've seen are either like the 6" ones I found in that Quilts, Quilts, Quilts book or else they are appliqued. Yours are a whole different genre.

Sorry you are feeling so icky..hope that is past soon. Drink lots of fluids...*VBS* And I would applaude if a second book could maybe be hearts, houses and such..??

Lois R. said...

Tonya, Do it! I would love to see your ideas and inspirations in print. I'm sure the rest of the Liberated Quilt World would too.

I love how my letters look so different from yours and from everyone elses, even when we all used the same directions. They are as unique as our own handwriting. And I love that you always encourage quilters to make something that is uniquely their own -- no patterns, just directions, inspirations, and hints.

Go for it!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Sharon said...

Do it, Tonya! Keep the high of the fever, but let the fever go so you can get better and make this happen!

I loved using your letters in my Happy Jacks pumpkin patch, and I'd be happy to help you do whatever it takes for your book to happen!

Dawn said...

I think this would make a great idea for a book. I need a lot of help with lower case letters, I'm still struggling with that one, and I'm still going to finish those 2 quilts you helped me start for my sister and her daughter - maybe this would give me incentive to finish them!

LOVE that Egyptian quilt you showed!!!! :)

Judy said...

Oh definately!! I agree with everyone here in that these are truely YOURS! I haven't seen letters done anywhere else..and believe me I tivo Simply Quilt 2 times a day. I haven't seen anyone else do them. Finn is right, words are around but nothing like this. Most are appliqued.

I read an article at Anita Grossman Soloman's site...the EQ5 article and she talks about foing the proposal for her book to C&T Publishing. It's not details, but it is interesting, and talks about having all her samples made for the book proposal.

Go for it. Start collecting samples, start making them. Alphabet samples, etc. I also like Bonnies Shoo-fly quilt!

cher said...

I am in - both encouraging you to make a book happen and happy to buy such a book when it is published and anything with letters that I have made inspired by your tutorial that you would like to include would delight me as well. I do agree Bonnie's quilt is outstanding...I hope she allows it to be included too. Guess I best get back to that wonky village letter part!
I certainly hope you feel better, real soon too.

YankeeQuilter said...

I think you should check out Dianne Hire's book Quilters Playtime...when I read it I thought of how you wanted to do a quilt with no "patterns." She shows you about a half a dozen techniques and then shows lots of photos. No lists of fabric requirements or pattern pieces. I liked it.

I'll even pull out the houses and make a run at the letters again...

Hope you feel better.


Laura said...

I am so happy this is a go!!!! You definately have this book in you, I am excited and going to keep working on my quilt that is in the works~!