Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Flower Pot

And now for something completely different. This is a small piece I appliqued a few years back. It's bright, but not as neon as it looks in this pic.

The main fabric line was from Moda: a fabric that looks like flannel on one side and homespun cotton on the other. Supposedly sews like cotton (NOT). Works great for primitive applique tho. No pattern, just inspiration from Gwen Marston and Roberta Horton.

I have a beading class today that I am soooo not enthusiastic about. I was excited about the class when I signed up for it, but not in the mood now. Have I mentioned I don't like taking classes - I'm just not classy I guess. he he he.

Siobhan is asking for reading recommendations. Figured I'd post a few here:

Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. This is promoted as a childrens' book just because the heroine is young and it's a fantasy, but it's for all ages. Lyra is a wild child growing up in Oxford, England in an alternate reality. She's accompanied by her daemon, her soul which can take various animal forms. I got so sucked in immediately - just try the first couple of pages and see if you can stop there.

The book happens to be the first in a trilogy. I loved the first one intensely, the second was enjoyable and I didn't care for the third at all. It turned into a big "Paradise Lost" thing and a meditation on religion.

Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen by Garth Nix. Another fantasy trilogy, but I happen to love all the books in this one. Sabriel's father is the Abhorsen, a Necromancer who forces the undead through all seven gates of hell. When he disappears, she has to take on the job. I love the world this is set in. On one side of a great wall is a very WWI-era British community and on the other side technology doesn't work but magic does. Excellent reads.

The Grand Ellipse by Paula Volsky is a great deal of fun. It's like Around the World in 80 Days, only taking place in a different world.

To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis is a time travel novel which starts in a WWII bombed-out cathedral. It's got romance, fantasy, humor. It has true heart.

Tamara Siler Jones has a couple of books that are forensic-intense crime-solving but in a fantasy realm. They get a bit gruesome at times and I skip all the sections from the point of view of the killer (but I do that in all mysteries).

The team of Preston and Childs write sorta silly books that are incredibly readable. They often have fantastic other-worldly events/creatures going on but ultimately have scientific reasoning behind them. Agent Pendergast is very Sherlock Holmes. Start with Relic.

Ian Rankin writes mysteries featuring a Scottish homicide cop. The first several were weak, but they've improved incredibly over the years. I started reading Michael Connelly when Stephen King recommended The Poet as one of his favorite books. I love it as well, but don't start with that one, since it involves all sorts of characters from his previous works. My sweetie even reads both of these authors, as well as Preston and Childs, and he doesn't read some of the so-called drivel that I do. Very high standards.

Those are just a few to start out with. I really gotta get going now. Stupid class.


anne bebbington said...

Wow - Tonya - that's a really cheery wake you up sort of piece - I love it! the kind of thing that puts a smile on your face as soon as you catch sight of it. The purple check in the vase is to die for. Agree with you about Ian Rankin - good read

Lily said...

Tonya that's a very cute quilt with the flowers and your name.

I hope you enjoyed the beading class once you got there!

ForestJane said...

I'm going to have to remember to open up your blog at work, when I go back, and see if my library has any of these books - I'm always looking for new authors. Thanks!

BTW, do you hand dye any of the fabric you are using for these lower case letters? The colors look so vivid and bright against the black or white.

Ann said...

CUTE! And you make the letters look so easy! I intend to start a letter project as soon as I can get back in my sewing room and finish off the binding on that RWB quilt. That'll knock 2 of my ufo's off the list and there are 2 or 3 others that I've decided to let my freind with a LA quilt for me, just to get them done!(and off my list...hehe). But she is in the middle of preparing for a wedding for her son, so can't do anything til that's over! But that is circumstances beyond my control, so I can move on! hehe.

KCQuilter said...

Wowzer, love that applique piece! So bright and whimsical. I do so want to try your letters--as soon as about 5 projects get finished off!!!

joyce said...

I love the applique quilt. Just my colors. I also don't really like taking classes. Maybe it comes from being a teacher so long and giving classes. Now I just want to do my own thing in my own time.

Carolyn said...

Tonya, I loved the Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorson series...I thought I was about the only adult who had read them! They were riveting. Love the seems so YOU!


Dawn said...

I love that little quilt! But your right - wow it is way bright! I'm dying to know how your beading class went you didn't want to go to. Did you survive?

Judy said...

Hey I have some of those plaids in your wallhanging. Bought them to one day use in a Piece o" cake wall hanging or quilt. Very cheery!

I'll have to look into some of those books. I usually read just mysteries and of course I got hooked on Harry Potter and will, of course, die once the last book arrives.

Good beading, even if you weren't hip on going. I don't do classes either. The last one I did was dresdens and the thing ended up costing 3 times what the class costs for fabric and all her special tools. No thanks!

Laura said...

What a bright and fun quilt! I love it!

Ama said...

I can't wait to check out some of those books, they look great. I love the colours of your quilt, so happy and fun!

Clare said...

Re the Philip Pullman book. I wondered what you were on about at first. Over here the first book of the trilogy is called Northern Lights and the whole trilogy is called Dark Materials.

I enjoyed the first one, sort of enjoyed the second and gave up with the third. I really ought to give them another go.

Apparently there is a sequel to the trilogy (if you can called it a sequel) about Lyra's Oxford.

I'm enjoying Joscelaine Dimbleby's A Profound Secret (published in the UK in paperback by Black Swan). A really good read if you like delving into family history.

Love the colours of the flower pot. You are an inspiration!

Clare x

Clare said...

Forgot to say.

I don't know if you use Amazon (you probably do), but their French site do free deliveries on orders over 20 Euro and have a Livres Anglais section. Most of the books are the US versions which may be of interest when you get to Paris.


Clare x