Monday, May 29, 2006

Patriotic in Progress

When I started working on the new lower-case letters, I chose blue and white, figuring I might make a patriotic quilt. To give me inspiration, and possibly to go into the new quilt, I dug out some blocks that I started years ago.

I was planning on making a large quilt - not bed-sized, but a very large wall-hanging. My plan was to make 8" x 12" finished blocks (such as the one in the lower left corner, which is cut out of one piece of fabric) but I got bored with that quickly and decided that everything just had to be divisible by 2" when finished.

The little bit of red and white checkerboard is a leftover from a previous project you can see in one of my very early posts here.

Detail shots. Here are some skinny letters. Right now this block measures at 4.5" by 12.5"

And some even taller and skinnier letters. This one measures 7" by 12.5" right now and would just need a bit of red at the top or bottom to make it the "proper" size.

This is my America flag block. 8.5" x 24.5"

And even closer:

I love my darling Lily cat, but my oh my, what a pest she was last night. She wanted to sleep right next to me no matter what. Shove her off the bed, she comes back. Pick her up and place her on my sweetie (who loves sleeping with a cat), she comes back. Block her from laying down, she circles around and comes back. Sheesh. Why can't she be that clingy when I want a cat to love on? During the DAY.


Ann said...

Tonya, these are gorgeous. I'm about ready to start a letter project myself..but not til next week...AFTER this dreaded yardsale! DH decided we need to have one, and you watch, he'll work next Saturday and won't be here to help! GRRR. Oh well, need to get rid of some junk and if this was the catalyst to get me cleaning and sorting and CLEARING out junk, then I guess it's a good thing, huh!

dot said...

These are really nice. I like your concept and your letters are so professional. Thanks for keeping me inspired.

Judy said...

Like the letters!! Good way to use the tutorial letters for a good cause. I like to decorate for the 4th too.

I read your earlier post and I have to disagree on Thanksgiving...I have all sorts of pilgrams and turkeys and indians! ;) That's one I do decorate for, but it's short shoved in between Halloween and christmas.

Finn said...

Really love the visual impact of the letters you are showing us in this post. Actually ALL of your July stuff is wonderful..the crusties especially! And the Liberty Blooms.

I like the tall skinny letters..a new thing to think about..*VBS*

Lily just loves you soooo much, she can't help it, persistance is a good thing, right???

Lois R. said...

Love the Memorial Day post and patriotic quilt. The stars and stripes fabrics are great and the skinny letters look so cool. I was just thinking of skipping the lettering I had planned on my houses, but here you go inspiring me again...

By the way, we also have that kitty problem here. I sleep with a minimum of 4 cats on me (one even sleeps on my pillow/head if I let him), but my hubby's side of the bed is cat-less. He'd love to have a kitty to snuggle with, but for some reason they prefer to sandbag me.

Kristin LaFlamme said...

Oooh, I love, love, love those tall skinny white letters on blue! And I'm with you on the pesty cat thing. I have one just like your Lily and he likes to lick one's eyelids as well, blech!

YankeeQuilter said...

I love red, white and blue are in quilts! I put aside the letters for a few days now I feel guilty...!

Lily said...

Ooh I like the skinny blue letters too - especially the lower case a's. They're perfect!

Tonya, when will you learn about cats? They're the boss, not you!! LOL

Dawn said...

Oh Tonya! I love these America blocks! I especially love the tall skinny letters! Why can't I get my letters to look so cool! I think I just can't play enough like you. I remember those old 4th of july pictures - I loved those little quilts!

ForestJane said...

Wow, you've been busy!

Very nice looking pix and instructions - you're really getting it down to a minimum number of steps - clear and concise.

I like the skinny letters too!