Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hot Crazy Love top finished

Okay, it doesn't look much different from the last time I posted a pic, but here's the finished top. Woohoo.

I'm bummed out for a couple of different reasons. One, I went back to the website where I bought my gorgeous incredible purple fabric that I was going to buy another 5 yards of, only to discover that they no longer have it. Aaaghh. I swear, the mood I'm in now, I'd buy 10 yards if it meant I could have it. Love that fabric. That's what I get for not ordering more right away.

The second thing is stinking Eurosport isn't showing much of the Giro d'Italia today. We've finally gotten to the Alps and it's exciting and difficult but nooo, I don't get to see it. It's on their secondary channel which we don't get. Not pleased about this at all. Yes, I've become a cycling fiend in my older age. Not riding a bike, heck no, just watching the big tours. It's a great sport to sew on my machine to. Poor Tour of Italy is the red-headed stepchild - no respect. Have to admit it's the first year I've watched and I've enjoyed it so far. Beautiful alpine scenery with bright green grass and snow and waterfalls and castles. And the shots of the coastline last week... Magnifico.

Watched "Igby Goes Down" last night. Think I'm going to give up on Independant films. All so angsty and mopey. This one at least had some humor but at the end all I could think was "what in the hell was the point of that?" Wasn't even all that entertaining.

Hubby and I have finished "Alias" Season 4. Loved the last episode (up until the last minute) - this show so needs Lena Olin. But where the hell were Sark and Anna? They could have made this show zing. Alias definitely went on the decline after the fabulous season 2. I'm hoping Season 5 really does a great job of tying things up. Not holding my breath. Don't give anything away - I hate spoilers.

We started "Rescue Me" Season 2. I love the show's sense of humor, but am hoping Tommy's downward spiral at least goes into a stall, if not improves. I like him miserable, not suicidal.


Judy said...

You sound like us, we watch alot of tv too. We have all the CSI seasons and if nothing else is coming on we just put in those and watch all night.

We end us going most nights to DVD movies or watching Law and Orders all night. Today is the L&O Criminal Intent marathon. It will be on all day while I sew. I've probably seen each episode 10 times!

Ahh..fabric! Is the purple dyed or something you could find someplace else? I also buy when I really like something. I found this Moda creme background fabric that is perfect for writing on. Which works well for applique blocks. I got a half yard at my LQS and couldn't find it anywhere. I found it online and bought 4 yds. Last week I ordered 4 more yards! Just in case.

Have you ever thought about learning to dye your own fabrics?

Shellie said...

I really like how the quilt turned out. The purple really makes the quilt and I love the idea of putting the letters into four patches. Honestly, when I first saw the letters I didn't care for the colors at all but the purple seems to calm them down and bring them together.

Lily said...

Woohoo indeed. Bummer about the purple fabric. See, now you need to follow your own advice and buy more fabric LOL!!

Clare said...

Know exactly what you mean about fabric. Been there, done that and am not going through it again. Had to buy another 3 plastic storage boxes the other week which are now full. Bedroom is looking like a material remnant shop:-).

Re Tour's. Didn't know there was a Tour d'Italia, but assume you are going to watch the Tour de France, oui? The Pyrennes and Alps sections are the best bits. Amazing scenery!

Dawn said...

WOW - yes that purple border is PERFECT for that quilt. I LOVE it! If you know the brand name and color (if it is a lot of colors in the line) I"ll look around for you. I bet it is out there somewhere! I'm usually pretty good at tracking it down. Well sometimes - depending on how much time I have!

Helen in the UK said...

That quilt really is stunning - such saturated colours and the purple border really makes them ZING!