Monday, May 29, 2006

Lower-Case b d q

Lower case p is made exactly the same as the capital P. And so is a little d - it's just turned upside down. Just rotate your head 180 degrees and check it out - that won't hurt at all...

Little b and q are made similarly.

Here's the start of the little b. You'll notice it looks like a backward c.

Background fabric is added at the top. Keep in mind that this will determine the maximum height of your letter - the taller the bit of background, the taller the letter (although you can always cut it down).

And then a strip of letter fabric goes along the left side. A q is the same as a little b, altho this time I chose to add an extra little dash of character.

And here are all four little letters:

These aren't hard at all. Just think a minute before you add the next bit. And speaking from experience, don't think you've forgotten to make a p and meanwhile you have that extra d.


Katie said...

I've made my first try with letters. Not just like yours but... Thanks for the inspiration and the instructions. Also just an idea - when you do the examples for your book - what about using the dark color for the background and the white for the letters. My eye keeps seeing the white. I know you made them for a specific quilt so that was reason for your color selection. Just a thought.

Simonetta said...

Your job is succeeding very well:))))
Also compliment indeed for the Patriotic quilt!!!!

Judy said...

That reminds me that I have a "d" to make for my letters! I have spent this weekend only hand sewing applique!

One tip! When you write the instructions for the permanent version, you might want to add that the large section of background that you add to the top of the "d" (or the "p")needs to be tall enough to equal however tall you want your final letter to become, since you will be sewing the letter fabric onto the left side to make the stem of the letter.

Or some better way to describe it. Did I make sense?

Finn said...

Hey, my head doesn't rotate 180 degrees!! I had to try it to learn that it doesn' I'm lopsided..LOL

Love the new letters, I was wondering how you would make a lower case q, very interesting!!

Tonya R said...

In case anyone thinks Judy is out of her mind, I took her suggestion and added some clarification to the post.

I appreciate all the feedback. Ya'all are marvelous.

Judy said...

Much better...I sound like a blibbering fool trying to describe that! AND thanks for telling them you fixed it...I would look really strange!

That does the trick perfectly!