Thursday, May 18, 2006

Morning Walk

It has been beautiful and cool in the mornings here with a lovely breeze. Had a quick walk today, took some snaps and only got yelled at by one guard. "No photo!" One thing we have here is lots of guards and policemen. You're bound to see several clustered on every street. Yesterday one of the traffic cops was examining his rifle and I realized he had it pointed right at me. Not on purpose, just not being careful. Makes me hope that the joke about none of them actually having any bullets might be true.

I love this gate. Very picturesque with the barbed wire adding a certain something.

I got yelled at while taking pics of these hollyhocks. Not surprising since whoever built this wall wanted their privacy. Would you have thought you were in Egypt?

The flame trees bloom in May. I don't think much of the orange-red, but they do add color.

Poor Pokey was locked in the closet while I was out. You'd think the cats would have realized by now that darting into closets isn't very clever.

I've been watching "Veronica Mars" and enjoying the hell out of it. I like the description of it: Nancy Drew crossed with Phillip Marlowe.

For whatever reason I've been hit by another urge to purge my shelves. I so crave working with calm clear fabrics and seeing all those busy fabrics (which I once loved passionately) makes me crazy. So yesterday I did a bunch of sorting and came up with another pile to go. I may not get sell them off, but at least I'll move them to somewhere I don't see them.

I also pulled a bunch of fabrics out for another quilt. Playing with the fabrics is the absolute bestest part of the process for me. Not sure I'll actually ever make it, but I had fun playing. The reason I don't think I'll do it now is the need to do lower-case letters for ya'all.

I haven't sewn the border on yet, but will get that done today. Thank you all for the encouragement. I was worried a bit about it, but all the compliments have eased my mind.

By the way, if you ever do hate or dislike or disapprove of something I'm doing, please let me know. You can be ruthless, so long as you're being constructive and not mean. I take criticism fairly well. I'd rather have my glitches and flaws pointed out so that I can learn from them. I might disagree, but it's good to think about it.

I'm feeling better now. Just had a headache in the evening yesterday, instead of all day long. Couple more days with the meds and I'll be sparkling bright and shiny.


Lily said...

Tonya I'm glad your headache has gone. Go the drugs!!

I just love the picket fence outside that monster security fence with the hollyhocks. Maybe they were being ironic? LOL

Hahaha I am going through the being in love with busy prints right now. My sampler quilt is going to be quite a riot!! (It's allowed to be though - it's for a baby!!)

Looking forward to seeing your finished top.

Another project already?

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh those HollyHocks are gorgeous! And what a beautiful little gate area. I was at first going to yell at you about not telling us why you got yelled at but see, I just had to be patient and read further!

Judy said...

Our minds have such a way of conceptualizing what we "expect" something to look like. I though Egypt..brown, dusty and sand! D'uh! These look fabulous. Yes the barbed wire tops it right off, but I do like that gate a lot. It would look really pretty in any garden. Hollyhocks are one of my favorites. Man, do I miss having a garden..I need a house again.

I think the purple is perfect..honest. It makes the quilt complete to me.

No worries, I agree about constructive criticism given, without being nasty or mean.

Lois R. said...

I love the run-down gate with the riotous garden and the hollyhocks with the crisply mown lawn and white picket fence -- so picturesque! Judy's right, your pics are not at all what I expected to see of Cairo.

I'm having a bit of stash envy right now. I can't imagine having enough fabrics or the willpower to sort thru and cull out stuff that I don't want to keep! Good for you!

Laura said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I don't know what I thought Cairo looked like but that wasn't it.

Samantha said...

Glad you are feeling better!

My kitties avoid closets, but do get themselves stuck in the garage an awful lot!

maranatha165 said...

I haven't seen very many of your quilts, but let me tell you, Tonya, your pictures are awesome!! The top one reminds me of something you might see from Thomas Kincade. I enjoyed your wonky letters quilt as well. It's so bold and adventurous feeling... I'm so traditional not only with my patterns, but with my fabrics, I'm not sure if I would be able to pull it off!

Finn said...

Great pictures Ton! And a real treat...definitely not what one exxpects to see in Cairo. Personally I'm going to be happy when you and your sweetie way goodbye to Egypt from an airplane window!

I do hope you won't be doing too much spur of the moment stash slashing. I know you aren't asking but I'd say "box it". Take one of the boxes the kitties claim and put it where you can't see it. Some of it would work really well in future spooky quilts..*VBS*
I know I got all enthused back in the late fall,early winter when so many of the mavericks were slicing and dicing up "old and older" fabrics. But I sat and finished quilting a no good reason scrap quilt(the kind I like best), I realized that I literally ADORE seeing bits and pieces of my fabric history in there.

I like the linking...kind of like what that holly print your mom used does for you..*VBS* Just my .02 worth

ForestJane said...

I have a closet-kitty too - anything dark, cavelike, and normally off-limits to the fur-faces is VERY enticing. Is it time for some more pictures of your menagerie?