Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Space 4 Rent quilting

I realized that I never showed you where I got the name Space 4 Rent from. It's from the alien fabric. If you look at the little house on the left, you'll see that the base of the house is made from a single fabric which shows a planet with a sign sticking out of it which says Space 4 Rent. That was the start of this quilt.

You can see (hopefully) that I've quilted "home sweet home" above these two houses. There's a purple block on the quilt where I've put "there's no place like home" and "take me to your realtor" goes all the way down the right hand side.

In the extremely busy bits of the quilt, such as the alien and eyeball fabric chunks, I did a not-too-straight cross-hatch, and I did that behind the letters of Space 4 Rent as well.

I think I've convinced Quilting with Ragdolls Judy to try hand quilting without a hoop. I'm hoping this will better explain how I hold the quilt with my left hand (I'm a right handed quilter - so it would be completely reversed for any leftie).

This is just a gift bag that I'm doing a utility quilting stitch on, but the process will be the same no matter what the size is. And do realize this looks a bit odd because I took the pics myself - normally my right hand would be there holding the needle...

I grasp a fold of the quilt between my thumb and palm.

And this is what it looks like with the fabric flopping back over my hand.

And this is what it looks like from underneath. Fingers spread, middle finger ready to be stabbed by the needle. Well, stabbed is maybe too harsh a word. Middle finger ready to guide the needle. Sounds less painful.

The gloves have helped me a whole lot - I don't get the numbness and tingling nearly as much as I used to. Highly recommended.

I've gotten two gift bags practically finished (they just need velcro fasteners) and have started quilting on the third. Been watching Kolchak (can I say again how much I love that show?) and Moonlighting while working. Yesterday I popped in "Only You" with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. It's a nice romantic comedy with some good bits - definitely some beautiful Italian scenery - tho its not as excellent as "Moonstruck" which was also directed by Norman Jewison.


Judy said...

You posted at 4:11 AM?? Yikes!

Thanks for the pictures they are a big help. I had figured that I would place my hand just like that. Today is the trial day. I have my hand quilting all ready to go. I'll make sure to post pictures on the blog! Thanks again. I loved seeing the details of Space 4 Rent too. I had seen the "Take ne to your realtor" on the side but I missed the crosshatching and other words. That's perfect!

Lois R. said...

I love it! What fun! But the pictures leave me wanting more. I wish I could see it in person -- as a whole, up close and in detail. Where do you plan to display it?

Yes, I am fortunate to have a hubby who shares my tastes and color preferences, but if he had his way, there would be more "traditional", non-Liberated quilts.

Thanks for the "classy looking house" comment. Classy is not a word that I have ever heard associated with me or anything relating to me! hee hee!

Congrats on finishing Space 4 Rent.

cher said...

that is how I hold my hand quilting too Tonya-and love how the Space 4 Rent turned out! It can come live at my house any time!
Such a bring a smile to your face quilt.

Dawn said...

Oh I'm so glad you showed the space 4 rent fabric uncut - it is really hysterical! And I'm not even an alien person! And space for rent brings on a whole new vision with the planet!

Holly said...

Another clever quilt that Space For Rent is. I can gaze on your improvizational quilts for ages. There's always a suprise element in them. You almost have me convinced to try handquilting w/o a hoop. Might give it a try on a mini quilt. I may need to check into getting those gloves one of these days to extend my quilting years :)

Lily said...

I of course am still laughing at the description of your poor finger 'guiding' the needle. My finger does that all the time!!

Congratulations on finishing this baby. I love the 'take me to your realtor'. Very funny. And that uncut alien fabric was just wild. It still amazes me how you quilters can hone in on one bit of a crazy fabric and pull it out for inspiration.

I hope my brain can work that way too one day.