Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cat House

Whee, I'm making progress today. I've got the binding 3/4 of the way done on Space 4 Rent. And just in case you've missed seeing the houses, here's yet one more:

This is from part of the quilt where the house blocks are most definitely not square. Square can be just so square... And this is the Cat House because of the cats on the roof - it's not a bordello. This isn't the old West.

Rather than piece on a quilt, I've decided to make several gift bags for my sweetie's upcoming birthday. He's going to be getting an eclectic mix of Wallace and Gromit, Ayn Rand, and Sherlock Holmes.

I watched "The Wedding Crashers" this morning. I started out enjoying it, but got really frustrated by the passive female lead and all the rest of the absolute idiots. At least it made me laugh. That's more than can be said for that stupid "Invasion Earth" which I did finish watching despite growing more and more annoyed and bored. If you're going to be cheesy sci-fi you'd better be funny. This one took itself way too seriously. Bleck. I can't believe a friend of a friend actually purchased the DVD voluntarily.


Judy said...

Space 4 Rent is going to look so great. Maybe I missed it somewhere but what type of thread are you using for the quilting? It look a bit heavier than plain quilting thread. Perle cotton?

Can't wait to see the whole finished quilt!

Finn said...

What great space for aliens...and kitty cats clamoring to get inside...*VBS* As always, your quilting looks spectacular!! I'm always amazed how great your stitches look without using a hoop!

Can hardly wait to see the whole quilt.

Nines said...

I have loved seeing all of the blocks in this quilt- so much fun and always something special lurking around the corner! I also enjoyed the peek into how your mind works when you are making a quilt- the process you go through until you come up with the design you are happy with. I have to sit and stare way longer than I'd like to admit- I guess I keep expecting that thing to speak up and talk to me- but like that character in Brer Rabbit- "he don't say nothin'." Or, more likely, it's my hearing needing some fine tuning. At any rate, I really did enjoy "watching" you create something so great. Thank you!

Judy said...

Me again...Thanks so much for the quilting instructions on my blog and for the encouragement. Hoopless it is! I'll try that first. I had worried about holding all that quilt but just catching a fold is certainly do-able! I also delved into the archives to see you were using Perle cotton for your quilting on Space 4 Rent. Gotta look into getting some of that...another need to shop..YEA!

Thanks again!

Laurie Ann said...

Oh man, I love Wallace and Grommit! You and I have such similar taste. Thanks for the fun pics of the bead market.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love how the quilting details draw you in for a closer look! This block is really wonderful!