Monday, April 10, 2006

Giza II

Giza II - The Revenge of My Non-Existent Muscles. I can't believe how much I ache...

Here's one more shot for ya'all. This shows all three pyramids at the plateau, as well as the Sphinx, which is actually kind of small, and lots and lots of tourists. Sorry, Sharon, I have no idea what the scaffolding is for, but I suspect some kind of conservation work.
I was going to add all of this upcoming babble to my previous post, but it was easier to just do two posts and throw in the pic. I'm feeling chatty today.

I can't believe how much the muscles in the front of my thighs still hurt, and my calves, after that horrendous cramped climb up the pyramid. I want to squeal with pain every time I stand up.

Lily, tell your Dad he didn't miss a thing by not making it to the burial chamber. It was kind of an adventure and a fun story to tell, and yes it gave me that much better of an understanding about how the pyramid was built, but I wouldn't do it over again.

Dawn, definitely wouldn't be the thing for you. I have a touch of claustrophobia myself.

Luckily there's electric lighting now (and the guide gave me a flashlight just in case it went out) but can you just imagine what it would have been like in torchlight 4,500 some years ago? At least now you know that the pyramid is incredibly well constructed and has survived several earthquakes and isn't likely to come down on your head, but they wouldn't have known that then... No, not good.

I am happy to report that my knee didn't act up at all. I was expecting all sorts of swelling, but there's been nothing. Woohoo.


Laura said...

Thanks for the tour of they pyramid. Lucky you living so close to something most of us will never see.

Sharon said...

And I am getting extra time for blog reading this morning while I wait for my car's computer to be re-programmed. I'd rather be just sitting a staring at a quilt and petting a cat, though, so I'll just sit here and scan your quilt in the other posting:)

Judy said...

Kudos, for making the journey into the burial chamber. NO WAY I would go, I have extreme anxiety in a crowd of more than 20 people in any small space. Tunnels? NOPE! Seeing your pictures are wonderful!

Dawn said...

These pictures still amaze me. But thinking about the light going out and the flashlight - I'm getting short of breathe just thinking about it. And to think about going in there by torch light - oh man. The pictures are so fun though!