Friday, April 28, 2006

The Little Woman

Sharon asked why the statue of Nefertari was so small in comparison to her husband, Rameses II. Please, do I really have to answer that? She's a woman, of course. And in this case, she really is "the little woman." Very rare was the woman who actually had power, like Hatshepsut.

Which is not to say that Rameses II didn't love Nefertari. He actually built a temple for her (as well as the goddess Hathor), which is now located in Abu Simbel along with his Great Temple. She is depicted in the two statues on the right - just about the same size as her husband (I think that's him next to her). But that was pretty rare for a Pharoah to do - to build a temple for his wife.

Which is not to say you don't see some accurate representations. The Luxor Museum had a beautiful, small statue of a man (a pharoah?) and woman, the same size, with their arms holding one another.

And this is King Tut depicted with his wife whats-her-name from the Luxor Temple.

I have seen a string of disappointing movies. I love romantic comedies, I do. But can someone make a good one please?

Saw "Must Love Dogs" with Diane Lane and my beloved John Cusack. It was a cookie cutter movie. Here, move this piece here and that one there and oh wouldn't this be cute. Unbelievable character actions. Sigh. Diane Lane looks wonderful and human, but something scary has happened to Stockard Channing. Is that a botox forehead? Creepy. But please tell me why the funny, fabulous Elizabeth Perkins isn't starring in movies. She was the most entertaining thing about this one.

"Corpse Bride" was okay. I wanted to like it way more than I did. Certainly looked gorgeous. I like Danny Elfman's music, but hate the talking-singing songs.

"Wimbledon" was merely okay. Didn't hurt to watch it, but wasn't very funny, moving, gripping, anything. Blah. Now maybe if it had been made many years ago with Hugh Grant, that would have been a different story.

I've been in a post-holiday letdown mood. Forced myself out of the house on Thursday. Some of my quilting friends are thinking about making crazy quilts. When I saw the bag of silks and velvets that a mutual friend (who lived in Malaysia and loves purple) had donated to the cause I decided I was in. Had to get some of that beautiful stuff.

Doubt I'll make a traditional crazy quilt. My incredibly creative, yet still blogless, friend Rachael mentioned something a ways back about mixing together crazy quilting with crusties. Now that is intruiguing and appealing. I actually have some ideas, just can't decide if I should do the applique first, so that I can cut out the underneath fabric, or put the whole sandwich together first and applique on the top of that. Decisions.

Lily is nuts again. She's been leaping onto my back at the slightest opportunity. If I lean down to pick something up off the floor, bam, there she is. That's not so bad and I'm kind of expecting it lately. But when she jumps onto my back while I'm standing upright - aiyeee. I started shrieking on the phone yesterday. Luckily I'd been telling my sweetie earlier in the morning that we had a Leaping Lily so he didn't panic. Just paused a moment and said "Lily." When it happened again that afternoon he didn't even pause, just kept on talking while I was squealing.


Clare said...

Agree with you about Wimbledon, especially the Hugh Grant comment :-).

We are watching Bridget Jones II tonight which, I have been told, is not as good as B.J 1.

Hubby was based in Cairo for his English National Service just before the Suez Crises (yup he is That Old LOL) so he is following your Egpytian travels with interest.

I currently cutting material which feels as if it is made out of rubber. The cutter won't go through 4 layers, so I reduced it to 2 and it was struggling with that, so I'm down to 1 layer and I've 44 rectangles to cut!

Clare x

YankeeQuilter said...

LOve the photos! We just went through a crazy quilt phase here locally...lots of heavily embellished bags, jackets and small quilts. I of course bought the embellishments, the books, the fabrics, and just continue to play in the boxes....let me know if you need anything!

Judy said...

Love the photos! I bought a book that has beautiful antique crazies in it and all the stitches and stuff...exactly how to do them, make them, etc. It's on that "one-day" list that will never get fully completed. I'd love to try one eventually that's maybe 18 or 20 inches square...small and manageable.

So is Lily jumping on your back for fun? or just to be near you? or is she attacking you in some way? Strange...and painful for you. Yee-ooow!

Finn said...

Hey Ton, thanks for more photos of the great tombs,etc. Interesting to see how big they really are...quite amazing!

Are you have the doldrums also?? Sounds like it. I can't seem to get very enthused about anything right now...pretty sad state of affairs...LOL

Sorry to hear about Leappin' Lily...I remember how painful that is..even when it's just a kitten that land on the back of your thigh...ouch!!

Sarah said...

From one Cusack lover to another, I was disapponited with Must Love Dogs too. Have you seen Runaway Jury? Very good! And I loved Serendipity too. And City Hall, Grosse Point get the point!

Have you seen Fever Pitch? Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. VERY funny - especially if you know any Red Sox fans. I think they are all rabid. My BIL and SIL christmas photo the year the Sox won the world series was of them standing in front of the stadium. UGH!

Thanks for sharing all the photos of your travels! Can't wait to explore Paris with you!


Lois R. said...

We have the same problem with a kitty leaping onto our backs. Our kitty, Bea, did it as a kitten (when she was just a foster kitty). Now she is 2 years old, full grown, and still doing it. Ouch! She once ruined a brand new shirt of Eric's and tonight she snagged a quilted vest I was wearing. The other day she did it to Eric while I was on the phone with the phone company. I had to explain to the phone rep what the cursing was in the background, lest she think something really weird was going on. She does it to gain access to high places like the tops of the storage shelves in our basement. If it wasn't so painful or destructive, it would be really cute.

I can't wait to see how you can liberate a crazy quilt!!! Keep us Posted!

Lily said...

Ah yes - the post-holiday blues. I get them. In fact I get pre-post-holiday blues now, because I know the end of the holiday is nigh and I get down about that!!!! So now I need to factor two extra days into each holiday hahaha.

Please post a photo of a purple crazy crustie when it's done. I have got to see that!!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Madeline is a leaping kitty. I don't dare bend over. Now her newest trick is to leap completely over me especially when there's an open outside door in site!