Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hatshepsut and Tree of Life

Remember the beautiful Alabaster Sphinx I showed you from Memphis? That may have been Queen Hatshepsut, one of the few females to rule as Pharoah? Well we visited her temple, which was built in a completely different - rather modern - style than the later work of Rameses II. You can still see some of the paint on the cheek of one of these Hatshepsuts.

Me again, next to a falcon, with Hatshepsut figures in the background.

We made our first visit to the Ramesseum, a rarely visited site. This was my favorite bit. The ibis-headed god Thoth and Isis are writing the pharoah's (Rameses II again, of course) name down onto leaves of the tree of life.

Here's a detail of the tree. I can see an applique or quilt design here. Like something Susan McCord would have made.

I'm feeling a bit melancholy. It was at Hatshepsut's Temple in 1997 that terrorists murdered 62 people, almost all tourists. I'd completely forgotten about the incident while we were there, thankfully. The recent bombings have brought it to mind. These days the terrorists seem to target mainly Egyptians. It's all horrible. I promise I'll try not to bring it up again.


Caroline said...

you're right, the leaves MUST be an applique or a quilting design. Those pics are so great. I heard there have been more bombings in Egypt today. Hope you are safe.


Dawn said...

The leaves are sooo cool! Oh if only I didn't hate applique'ing leaves so much! This is really beautiful.

Finn said...

All pictures are beautiful Tonya, and very interesting. I suspect most of us will never get to Egypt. It's fun to see some of the stuff you only see on the big screen in productions like "The Ten Commandments". All these cool statues remind me of why I love StarGate(the movie, altho the tv version isn't bad..I'm just partial to James Spader..*G*).

It's nice to see you in the pics also, but being a shy person myself, I totally understand why not also..glad you are back safe and sound.
And please!! talk about the bombing and daily terror it brings ALL you want's good to get it out there. Hugs, Finn

Sharon said...

Ah, those leaves - so organic! I think that's why they call to us to put them into fabric with their flowing forms.

Love the tour - more pictures if you have them and want them. And I agree with Finn, talking about todays issues on your blog is fine. It sometimes helps us see things from yet another view. And you know, if we don't want to read it, we'll just pass it by.

Soon you can be in Paris dealing with the youth employment movement:)

Lois R. said...

Life creeps into the cyper-quilting world and leaves its mark on us. I would be disappointed if you didn't talk about the things that move you most. Think about it -- the women sitting around the quilt frame years ago talked about the current events that moved them as well as the neat patterns they noticed in life that would inspire their future quilting works.

Anonymous said...

Those temples and statues are truly amazing! The tree's leaves would be a good project for reverse applique!

Lily said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the trip - and the effects of the dramamime. Love the leaf detail. I bet it's been inspriring craftmakers for hundreds if not thousands of years.

And thank god for UNESCO.

Cathi said...

I know how you feel about all these different place in Egypt. I was at Hapshepsut's temple 3 years before the terrorist attack. And as a backpacker, I stayed in Dahab (even learned to scuba dive there in the Red Sea!) spent a lot of time there and was so upset to hear about more bombings.

You should be able to talk about things happening around you on your blog, it is your blog!!

Katie said...

Yup, keeping talking about events. And sharing your adventures. I visited Egypt as a child after spending a year in Baghdad where my dad worked for the Point IV program (part of the Marshall Plan). Your pics brought back memories! Thanx

JudyL said...

Tonya, thanks for all the pictures and stories. Love reading about your escapades!

Judy L.