Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Comet House

I had to go to some briefings yesterday about our upcoming move. Snooooze. It was one of those things where there are way too many people whose situations are all completely different and so the briefings are so vague as to be almost useless. But now there are faces to attach to the names of people that we'll be dealing with and I have a load of material to read. All written in beaurocratese zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I was rewarded with lunch at Taboula, the bestest Lebanese food around. Tried a new dish, the Shmander Salad, a beet salad with some greens. Good, but not nearly as excellent as my reigning number one dish fattoush: lettuce, cukes, tomato, pita bread "croutons" and a tangy lemon dressing. In addition, my luncheon companion told me to stop worrying about the price I paid for the Palestinian pottery the other day. She's done way more travelling than I have and lived in Jordan for a couple of years - she says I did okay. Whew.

I did a bit more sewing yesterday, in fact I was almost late getting out of here. But I have to admit I've spent a lot of time online. I discovered the blog Be*mused. Oh, I'd dropped in before to read individual posts about Gee's Bend quilts and her visit to the Tokyo Quilt Festival, but it was when she posted about her favorite quilt book, Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston (holy cow, sellers are offering the paperback used for sixty bucks? aiyeeee), that I really took notice and delved in. I've now read all of her posts (I think) way back to the beginning and had an absolute blast. Try it, you'll enjoy it, just ignore all that darn knitting :)

Okay, I've got to get off the computer now and actually do something today. I've got quilting bee in the afternoon and tho it's enjoyable and I'll get more work done on Space 4 Rent (see block above) which I'm nearing the end of, it won't be sewing on the machine which is what I feel needs to be done and which I've been neglecting.


Dawn said...

I love the shooting star going into the house! I just still love all your little touches! I need to meet you and "absorb" some of that skill into me!!!!

Judy said...

Thanks for the link to Be*mused! You are right, another great blog. I will read all her entries when I have time, and add her to my daily reads! I visit your Blog each day too because you update often and I like to see all the great work you do. I love the little guy peeking out the door. Your quilting stitches are so tiny and even. Can't wait to see the whole quilt.

Darcie said...

Your Space 4 Rent is looking great, Tonya. Hope you had a great day with your quilting bees!

Your necklace is awesome! I think you should wear it and see if hubby recognizes it...perhaps he was just in a non-fringey mood that time. I noticed the alien right away!

Your pottery purchase is particularly purty!!! (Sorry...couldn't resist.) You may use the tray more than you think. I think it would be great right on the dining table or coffee table as a piece of art. (The head? I'm not jealous.) LOL

Thanks for going to all of the work of explain the tentmaker pieces. Quite interesting.

Laura said...

Space for rent is looking soooo good! I can't wait to see the whole quilt. I have been trying to catch up on blogs. I am loving the furniture you have purchased and the pottery is to die for! I am a pottery junkie and love any piece I can get my hands on.

Tina said...

Hi Tonya,
I love your new block for Space for rent, it is so cute, I'm like everyone else I can't wait to see the whole quilt put together..I found your explanation of the Tentmaker very interesting I was in Egypt 10 years ago but I was stuck on base and didn't get to visit all the shopping districts and historical sights. Thank You for sharing your life it seems very full and fullfilling.

Lily said...

I was just about to leave a comment here the other day but got called away.

Can I just say I love the crazy dancing (?) alien in this house!!! Too cute!