Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tentmaker Applique

I mentioned that last weekend I went with friends down to Tentmakers' Street in the Khan al Khalili. The applique here is so beautiful and so underpriced for all the work that is involved. But labor is inexpensive here and the cost of living low, so gorgeous pieces are available at probably a quarter (or less) of the price that an American quiltmaker would rightly charge.

But remember how I said I'm rigidly inflexible about MY colors? I am. And those aren't colors used in Egyptian applique. So I commissioned a piece from Muhammad Fouad here in Ma'adi. I gave him some solid fabric swatches in my favorite colors, and then chose details that I liked from his other pieces: lotus designs and islamic curves. He came up with the wallhanging. You'll have to forgive the pic - the color is a bit more intense than in life and part of the treadmill is in the way...

It's a great blend of cultures, isn't it. The inner bit is rather ancient Egyptian but with Amish colors and the border is Islamic in traditional Islamic colors. I love it.

And in completely unrelated news, the doctor punctured my knee with the big giant needle today and gave me a new, strong anti-inflammatory to try. I'm crossing my fingers - I'm tired of hobbling around.


Sarah said...

It's beautiful! I love the colors.

Frances said...

yes beautiful in Tonya colours,
I really like it, lucky Tonya,

Dawn said...

Oh MY! Oh Tonya - it is breathtaking! I don't even know how to describe my feeling at looking at it. It just leaves me speechless!

What a treasure you have!

Makes me want to go to the tentmakers' street and find some. I never knew Egypt had such fine applique pieces. It isn't a country you hear about for things like that - well at least I never knew that!

This is awesome!

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Why didn't I see things like this when I was in the Middle East? You are so lucky!

Scrapmaker said...

Wow, amazing color and pattern! Jen