Thursday, September 01, 2005


Today I need to think happy thoughts. I can't dwell on all the tragedy down in the gulf states - it's too overwhelming. I've already watched way too much news coverage. I need the solace of talking about quilts. Happy quilts, nothing to do with the suddenly homeless and comfortless masses.

This is a happy, positive quilt. Actually, I think this is a photo of just the top. D'oh, don't have a better pic. I quilted this, unsurprisingly enough, in black perle cotton fans.

This is "Bricks," named for the shape of the blocks. (I'm not really into naming my quilts - whatever is easiest to remember is usually what sticks, tho sometimes the names change every few years as I forget what I used to call them.)

This is the quilt that my Tonya bruise block fell out of. My name was supposed to be the last brick in the wall, but it just didn't work. Too purple to go there. Plus I would have had to drop out an adjective, and I kinda liked all those.

I didn't put punctuation in the quilt, but I think of it as "Be yourself, be dazzling, be joyful..." but it could also be read "Be yourself: dazzling, joyful..."

These are all words I'd use to describe myself, at least the me I'd like to be. Sure, there are lots of other adjectives that I could have in there, but that was what I needed to hear back then. And I wanted fun, exciting words. Be honest, be sincere, be kind, be good-hearted: all excellent choices, but not what I had in mind for this quilt.

I'd challenged myself to use every letter of the alphabet in this quilt. Then I experimented with making some letters tall and narrow (imaginative) and others wide (bold). I used the black with speckly grey bits and all the rest are commercially available hand-dyes.

So if you've made a bunch of free-pieced letters and don't know what to do with them, here's a project for you. What shall you be?


Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE that word quilt! I looked at your instructions how to make those words a month or so ago when Bonnie mentioned it in an email. I have to try this sometime! Course I'm going to have to find your instructions again! :)

It looks so hard - but turns out so cool! I have an idea! I have to make a quilt for an auction for the 8th grade at school - maybe I'll make the school name with your crazy letter! I know I want to do a signature quilt with all the 8th grade signatures. So now, hmmm, what block can I do and then I'll put the school name in crazy letters in the border maybe?

What'cha think?

Tonya R said...

Thanks, Dawn.

A signature quilt for the 8th grade with the school name sounds fabulous. Makes me think of schoolhouse blocks or maybe appliques/fingerpaints of the kids' hands...

Finn said...

Way cool quilt tonya, I like the way your mind works..LOL..almost had a typo there as I typed "words"..but then, you mind works that way too !

I completely understand (shudder) the almost incomprehensival "mess" we face in those southern states. And of course, we can't kid ourselves, we'll ALL pay, more ways than one.
I'm so happy and grateful to be here in my small corner, with an ability to meet my needs and wants.
It was lovely to see your happy words quilt..thank you..*VBS*

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

This is great. Love your blog.

Bonnie said...

Definately a good quilt for "positive reinforcement" when the blahs hit you! Great Quilt Ton....I love it.


Finn said...

Hey Tonya, I'm missing you...come back soon.

Frances said...

love your blocks quilt, positive energy, just whats needed, great,

Frances said...

sorry bricks,