Sunday, September 18, 2005

Blooming Horrors

Blogger and I are having disagreements today on the placement of photos. Up above is the Evil Eye Deterrent I talk about later in the post.

Bonnie has now named the quilt: "Blooming Horrors" it is.

I've now sewn the background all together (so, not completely a hand project, but it will be from now on, unless I decide more borders go on). I do realize I need more bright colors in the middle and to help balance out that moon (which may get smaller).

Some of the Faces got tossed - I don't want to fiddle around with them.

I added a zombie hand (an outline of my own) flower. Put an eye into the middle of it, cuz it needed something there. Plus I went out of the apartment today to an outdoor sale and bought the Evil Eye Deterrent hanging thing - so the whole eye theme rules today. (The thingy is a handmade blue glass orb, pyramid and dangly bit covered in paint. Love it. I collect things which ward off the evil eye.)

I've also tossed out the idea of black tulips - they weren't going to show up on that background. I was looking thru old applique articles that Gwen Marston wrote for LCPQ mag in the early 1990's and found the cool flower shape that the skeleton now fits in. Much brighter and wilder.

Went to the orthopedist last NIGHT - my appointment for 8:30 turned out to be p.m. instead of a.m. Unfortunately I didn't figure that out until I went to the doctor's office and no one was there. D'oh. So going for an MRI this afternoon and thus continues the saga of the knee. The doc says no more treadmilling on an incline for me - not allowed *ever* to do exercises that involve bent knees. Has to do with my tendon and thus my kneecap being in the wrong place. Sigh.


Samantha said...

"blooming horrors" is a perfect name!

Dawn said...

I love the name Bonnie came up with! And that evil eye is EVIeeeeeeeeellllllllll!!!!

jenclair said...

I really like the black and white mouse juxtoposed with all of the brights! Seems to add intensity to the colors.

Enjoyed visiting.

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dogquilter said...

love the quilt and the evil eye!! how very cool.

Finn said...

Hi Tonya...I'm BACK..did ya miss me...LOL? It's probably been much quieter without me..LOL.

I love the new piece, and what a great name! Maybe there will be a series of "Blooms or Blooming things"? I really like the idea of putting things into the "contained" object..and what all that could entail.
The evil eye is soooooooooooo awesome..! I love "eye" things. Found a really neat orange fabric a few years ago in St Paul. Am so sorry I only bought a half yard of it. It has "eye" things allll over it ! When I did a bottle quilt for my opthomologist's son, I used that orange eye fabric to spell his name down the side..LOL.

You'd think 7 eye surgeries would turn me off wouldn't ya?? But NO..if I see bright colors with any sort of eyes, I buy it!

Sorry to hear about your knee! You deserve a better shake than that! Protest..Protest !! Keep us posted on how you are doing. Hugs, Finn