Sunday, September 11, 2005

my favorite thready

This is an ominous day. September 11th. I'm afraid to turn the tv on, to discover something else awful has happened. So I'm just going to close my eyes, stick my fingers in my ears and say "la la la everything is wonderful in the world." And hopefully it is, in most places.

Work is continuing on my Web thready. I've gotten to where it's really hard to push the needle through - I'm using a rubber mat made for opening jars to grip my needle. I'm long past doing a running stitch - it's all stab stitch now, filling in the missing gaps.

Here's my favorite thready. I finished it here so it's probably from 2004, but it's only about the third thready I made. The color is accurate in the first pic, but you can see details in the second. Was I smart enough to take photos of any of my threadies before they became encased in glass and thus much harder to photo. Of course not. I'm not sure how much I like having glass on these anyway - it mashes down the threads. Plus the back is jerry-rigged because the frame wasn't deep enough to hold this piece and the faux-velvet it rests upon and now dust is getting inside anyway.

This one was made with lots of embroidery floss, rayons, a bit of chenille, and metallic threads.

I'm kicked back and taking it easy, reading "Brimstone" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs. Not the best wordsmithing ever, but the story is cooking along. The problem is that whenever I read a novel, I don't want to quit reading. I neglect other tasks and stay up too late at night. Speaking of neglecting tasks, it's time to go cook dinner. Sigh.


Dawn said...

Tonya! It is lovely! These are so cool. I've never seen anything like them. This one is great, but I think I still like the pink one with the hint of green and blue in it! They are spectacular!

Finn said...

I love it ! It looks like something that is happening somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. Some sort of cosmic birth of a star so something equally lovely.
What a neat idea these, and the amount of time and effort is evident.
I'm excited to see the nearly completed one...coming soon??*G*