Friday, September 30, 2005


If I were in America, I'd be going to the cinema today. It's the first day of "Serenity" - the movie based on the far too short-lived sf/western series "Firefly" - one of the best tv programs ever. I absolutely love it and hate Fox for unfairly canceling it. How can you expect a show to do well when you show it out of order on Friday nights? So if you get a chance, go see the movie for me. No plot details please, but go see it. Enjoy it, love it, even if you've never watched the series. I promise it will be fabulous - it's Joss Whedon.

And if you never have seen "Firefly" - what are you waiting for? Rent it, buy it, support it. I have this dream that we'll get our show back, just like the Trekkies did. At least they got 3 seasons of Classic Trek. We only got half a season.

I'm not moving at full speed today. Full speed, hah. Not even at half speed. Feels like I'm swimming through molasses - every step just taking so much effort. Finally managed to fall asleep and take a nap, which gave me energy for a little while. Now it's worn off again and I'm back in slow motion. Don't know why today should be such an effort, it just is.

On the good side, after my nap I machine sewed on the binding and the sleeve to my Halloween Faces quilt. Now I'm turning under and hand stitching the binding and then I'll do that last stretch of the sleeve and I'm done. Looking forward to that. It'll be ready for tomorrow: the first day of Halloween decorating.

I've been watching the first season of "Lost" - four episodes yesterday and I'm on episode eight right now. Or I was - took a bitty break to write this. Definitely enjoying it, altho why I'm watching a show with so much turbulence and airplane-crashiness I'll never now. I already don't like flying as it is.

I've worked a bit more on the little devil thready as well. He's all outlined now and the edges are all turned under. I've already put his teeth in because they were so small I was afraid they'd disappear before I got to them. It's how the fabric puckers and pulls. Things that I want to emphasize need to have a lot of stitches in them, the earlier the better. So now he has teeth, but the inside of his mouth and tongue have disappeared. Maybe I'll try to force them in before it's too late.

Yesterday I watched "Laurel Canyon" - what a waste that was. Definitely a character study in search of a plot. And I'd prefer an ending next time as well. Also tried "Bride and Prejudice" (I'm a sucker for Jane Austin riffs) but quickly got fed up with the Bollywood singing and dancing numbers. Did make me want to watch my BBC miniseries of "Pride and Prejudice" tho.


Samantha said...

Good morning Tonya! My hubby wants to see Serenity, so when he does, I'll tell you if it was good. I didn't know you were afraid of flying as well- I am absolutely petrified of it, which is odd for a girl who grew up as a foreign service brat! (And yet, Lost is my favorite show, pretty much of all time...) Am looking forward to seeing your halloween faces!

Dawn said...

Oh I love Lost too. The second season has started out so cool and strange!

dogquilter said...

Hey Tonya,

SciFi has picked up Firefly here in the states. I had no idea it had been on FOX and cancelled and have just started watching it on Fridays before the Stargate, Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica.

LOST should be good this season too. You are right though about not getting tired of watching it. You really do pick up on little things the second time around too.