Sunday, September 04, 2005


Here's another happy, positive quilt from my collection. And amazingly enough, yet again, just another photo of the top. Not even the whole top - there should be a couple of borders on here. It was quilted with the obligatory black perle cotton fans.

I made "Sensational" right after "Bricks" back in 2002. It's pieced in a slightly different way than my other letter quilts are, but not so much so that you'd notice it right away. I loved the look and feel of this quilt so much that I made my recent bed quilt with the same colors and black letters. The words read: Sensational, Fantastic, marvelous, wonderful, incredible, magnicent.

I'm feeling guilty right now. I've been off having fun the last couple of days, not doing much sewing at all. Yesterday I went with some friends to the Bulaq fabric souk and bought some really hideous Halloween orange pharoanic fabric for 10 LE a meter (that's about $1.70 for more than a yard) as well as some gorgeous black fabric for making folk art cats. The souk was so hot and crowded I thought I might pass out. What a light weight I am.

In the afternoon we went to the Khan and visited Tentmakers' Street - that's where the traditional Egyptian applique is sold. I managed not to buy anything (you all know how strict I am about my colors) but my friends' wallets are worse for wear.

"Moonstruck" was on tv this afternoon. I truly love that movie. "I love you." "Snap out of it." Cher used to be such a beautiful woman and would have aged so well, but instead she went the Michael Jackson route and looks freakish. This has to be one of the few movies I can stand Nicolas Cage in. Can't even think of another one at the moment, but surely there has to be one more.


Dawn said...

Oh this is anohter fabulous letter/word quilt! These are just too fun! It is wonderful!

And don't feel guilty about not sewing - it sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends - that is way more fun and important!

Finn said...

Hey's me..*VBG* Good to see you again. Not to feel guilty about taking a break from sewing..what would those folk art cats do with you and that fabulous black fabric????

I love the Sensational quilt..I love the slivery-ness of it..*G* Is that a word??? If not, it should be. Neat how you have the letters encompassing two or more it. Looks complicated to do that. I suppose you had to do the stratas thing and then cut that like background..really creative.

I like Moonstuck also..right up there with Mad Max and the ThunderDome, which I watch to see Tina Turner mostly..LOL.

Sandy said...

Great quilts!

Gotta love Nicholas Cage in "Guarding Tess" with Shirley MacLaine!

Tonya R said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by. Nope, "Guarding Tess" is only so-so. At least I don't hate it like "The Rock." Just remembered, way back in the 80's I really liked Nic Cage in "Valley Girl" - I wonder how well that movie has withstood the passage of time?