Monday, October 01, 2007

Glorious Sunshine

Wow, yesterday was a fabulous sunny day in Paris. Just incredible. I left my sweetie here in the apartment with the cats (Pokey and Habibi slept on him for most of the weekend) and went for a very long walk. I came home with over 200 pics, but here are just a few of them.

Lights on the trees along the Champs d'Elysees. I'm not sure if I should call them Christmas lights or just winter lights. Either way, they are going to be gorgeous.

I took a walk along the Seine. This is looking back at the Eiffel Tower and the Pont Alexandre III, which I've previously posted about.
A sign on a bridge that I can't figure out:
And one that I can. On Sundays this street along the river becomes a walking, biking, rollerblading "path." Graffiti is quite common on signs here.

The cats were thrilled with the sunshine as well. Here's a picture of Lily, Habibi, and Howler. And my Bernina - woohoo, I actually felt like sewing.
Meanwhile, Pokey was behind me trying to catch that binding strip:

Getting the sleeve in place on Blooming Horrors:

The adorable baby:

I've got the binding partially handsewn down on Horrors and I should have it finished today. Although first, it's time to decorate for Halloween, woohoo!

The Halloween link for today is: Glitterville. I love their work. Playful, bright and just plain fun. I learned about them last year in Mary Englebreit's Home Companion magazine; you can read the article at the Glitterville website. I have a couple of Glitterville's Department 56 pieces which I can't wait to get out. They also do limited edition work - the Spooky Laundry is a hoot.


Clare said...

Glorious here too yesterday - now grey and miz, but I'm going to take the camera for a walk after lunch.

I think - and please don't quote me - but I think that sign means No through Road - without issue - pushchairs (prams) only! i.e no cars allowed. Is this on one of the bridges where cars can go underneath, or to the side?

Joyce said...

I think the sign says No Exit and reserved for use of something maybe roller skating without children. Still strange! Maybe someone more fluent in French than I am can clarify. Thanks for the nice walk in Paris on a Sunny day.

Clare said...

No Through Road. Reserved for users of wheels. No children.

i.e roller bladers only and adult ones at that!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful day indeed! Glad to see you took advantage. Looks like Clare solved the linguistic mystery. I was hoping to be of help, but that sign confused me too.

The quilt you helped me with will be off in the mail tomorrow!

Kristin Shields said...

Yay for the sun! We had a most dreary day yesterday, but this morning the sun is out and I'm feeling better. I can't wait to see BH!

Lori said...

Beautiful pictures and hooray for sunshine! The cats look so happy to be lazing in the sun.

dutchcomfort said...

The sign says: ‘Dead-end street(road), for users only, walk carefully!’
How funny to see all the translations. You keep us busy! I love the Paris and cat photos!. Our honeymoon was to Paris and we have been there quite a few times since!

Quilting Pirate said...

I just love your pictures of Paris, but I just adore your kitty pictures the best!!

sewprimitive karen said...

Just look at those lush kitties beached out in the sunshine. Love the Spooky Laundry, what a fabulous idea, you could create that a few different ways.

Lily Mulholland said...

s'funny how many of us gals have school girl French!

The winter lights of Paris are lovely - any plans to head over to Lisbon for a look-see? They do Christmas lights like I've never seen...just gorgeous!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh miss Lily is soooo cute! What fun pics!