Monday, October 29, 2007

Links Galore

Since I haven't posted any pics of my cats in ages, here are a couple of great photos that Morey took. Habibi:

And Pokey:

Lily and Howler were both too skittish to hang around for their photo ops.
Howler was scarce for the first couple of days that we had guests, but by the end he wasn't hiding any more. He is however marking the couch like crazy; that is, he's marking the strategically placed towels. I've been doing a load of towels in the laundry every other day. Crazy cat.
I've got a long list of links to share with you. Too long in fact, so I'm just doing the Halloweeny ones now.
First off is Loco Quilter Kymberly who's been making up some of the faces that I've drawn. They are a hoot. This link is for her October archives, so you can see Witchy Woman as well as Frankie, the Mummy, and the 3-eyed Monster. I love these - go give her lots of encouragement.

Dordogne Quilter Clare has free-pieced a witch (Bellatrix LeStrange in fact) and she's got a great free-pieced Halloween quilt in progress. This is her October Archive so you can see them all. Very fun.
Persnickety Diane made a fantastic liberated jack'o'lantern way back in 1997. She's a long time Gwen Marston fan too. Liberated Jack is wonderful, plus there's some great Roberta Horton fabrics in there.
Spiritcloth Jude recently made a wonderful free-pieced jack'o'lantern. Jude so inspires me with her willingness to mix fabrics. Velvets, linens, cottons, silks, she puts them all together and they look fabulous.
Master of Patience Lynda made an improvisational jack'o'lantern quilt too. wheee.

Magpies Nest Sue has been showing off bits of her Halloween quilts and decorating this month AND she's done a really fun journal piece as well. Go visit and scroll through her October entries.
By the way, I hope it's clear when I provide these tutorials that I want you to make them up! No exact copying (you better not be using rulers to measure!), but "inspired by" I LOVE.
It's been raining here all day. yuck. At least the weather held out for our touristing.


Jane LaFazio said...

What sweet kitty faces! And is Pokey ever gorgeous!
Fun halloween quilts. I'm an artist and I also teach 4th and 5th grade kids--it would be fun to do something like this with them, only using a fusible webbing. Cool.

Amy said...
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Amy said...
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Anonymous said...

I guess you, of ALL people, would know what a 70 year old cat hoarding woman would sound like.

Holly said...

Hi Tonya :)

I'm really enjoying all your pictures of Paris. Beautiful kitty pictures, too. There's a kitty video out "there" that is so cute and endearing.. if I can find the link I'll send it to you. It's a hoot. I wonder what you'll be doing Halloween night? Don't suppose there'll be any trick-or-treaters.

Donna said...

great links -- very inspiring... now if only I could get to work. Sigh.

Lori said...

Hello kitties! They are so beautiful and your pictures of them are great.j

Anonymous said...

your cats have very interesting noses.

Quilts And Pieces said...

WHAT! No rulers! No measuring! No exact measurements! Nooooooo!!! :) I sure had fun visiting all the links you gave us!

Magpie Sue said...

Those are TERRIFIC pictures of your cats. Thank Morey for us!