Monday, October 29, 2007

Skeleton Tutorial

I can't believe Halloween is almost here already. There is still so much I wanted to do before the holiday arrived.

One of my favorite quilts, Bad to the Bone. I've blogged about it previously here.

This is the second skeleton I made, from the quilt Happy Howloween:

This is a rough drawing of the Bad skeleton. You know how to do everything in here. That skull is done exactly like I explained in the Faces Tutorial. The rest of the body uses the insertion method as explained in the Basics.

For the middle row, cut the ribcage first, then follow the lines of it make the angles on the background fabric. You should have three pieces for the middle row: background, ribcage, background. Set aside the ribcage, it goes in last.
Cut the slice for the top part of the arm so that it is a quarter inch down from the top of the strip. (I actually drew it wrong, so look at the darker line on the left side.) After you've inserted that strip, slice for the bottom half of the arm, making sure to cross over the top arm so that you get an elbow.

You can add hands by sewing a bit of fabric to the top of the outermost bit of background before you attach it. The final step is to sew the ribcage in.
These skeletons look like they're dancing to me. I've always wanted to do a chorus line with them, but not enough time in the day. I'd love to see what ya'all can come up with sewing skeletons! Let me know if you need any clarifications.


YankeeQuilter said...

The chorus line would be a hoot!!! Thanks for the if I could just pry Brownie out of the halloween fabric basket I could get going on this!

joyce said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I have a little blackboard and chalk by my sewing machine and plan out my letters etc on that. Very handy but I probably should use a book and keep them.

Dawn said...

Oh a chorus line of them would be sooo funny! I always thought they looked like they were dancing too!

kimberlym said...

This skeleton tutorial looks fun too! Can't wait to try this one out next! Thanks for your kind words about my monsters you inspired! By the way, I love your spiders on your Blooming Horrors quilt. I know that was a while back, but sometimes it's hard to get the computer with a 13 year old around and it's many posts later before I can comment! Thanks !

Quilt Pixie said...

love the B&W strip for the ribs -- sort of convict like :-) and the checkerboard really makes a great toothy mouth

jude said...

great! i have learned so much from you. love the use of black and white on this one.

Hanne said...

Since I learned from you how to do free cut letters I look at many shapes from that point of view.
The skeleton looks smart too :-)
I did not tell you that the XOXO quilt was on display with other care quilts I have made in the Norwegian Quilt Assosiation member magazin recently. Maybe I should make another one, in different colours ? :-)

Bob and Carol Burns said...

Dear Lazy Gal,
I love the skeleton quilt idea!!! I'll give it a try....

I'll share my site so you can see some quilts my friends and I have made....I'm on blogger too!

Your Florida Friend,

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