Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Work Avoidance with a B

I freely admit that I write this post not to entertain you, but to avoid doing the work I'm meant to be doing.  But okay, you might find some of it interesting anyway. First off, what's on my design wall?

I actually sewed something that I can show you on the blog! I made a letter B for Brenda, you can read more about it here.

I got some more fun Bah Humbugness in the mail. Ramona of Ramona's Handwork made the top one and 12 x 12'er Kristin LaFlamme made the lower big red Bah (probably in a brazen attempt to once again get me to link over to her blog. it worked!) Thank you both!

What am I avoiding you ask? Ack, I'll tell you about it another day since I gotta get to PT soon.

I know you need a kitty photo so here's Lily sleeping in her favorite spot on the top of the sofa cushion. I know it doesn't look like a sofa, but that's because I throw a sheet over it - so much easier to clean.

Lily sleeps here so often she's made a permanent hollow - kind of like Homer Simpson on his own couch.



Hedgehog said...

Love the B! I need to try some curvier letters...

Just finished the last town/city!

Hard to believe. Hasn't sunk in.

Brenda said...

thanks again. I love the curvy B!

Clare said...

Do tell!

Know exactly what you mean about the hollows. Darling Magic left her imprint.

Kristin's (may I call her Kristin?) Bah is great, as is your B for Brenda. Must get mine done.

As I type this I have a Pippi Blackstocking creating havoc. She came into season at 6 am yesterday morning and is yelling the place down. Only 6 more weeks to go.

Lily looks sooo chilled.

Look after those knees.

Kristin L said...

Hey, I recognize that BAH! I sent it because i had bug fabric that needed a good use, but if it's going to get me some linky love, I'll take that too! BTW, we've added some linky love to you too over at 12 x 12 in our review sidebar.

Kim said...

Yes I should be cleaning up my kitchen from baking cookies and bread but no....I'm here wishing I could hold Lily and sit and talk to you for a while :0)......
Okay.....I'm going!

Happy sewing

Celia said...

Life is too short not to do whatever we want... and if we think long enough perhaps none of the chores are really necessary...but quilting...essential!

Sujata said...

The B is BEEutiful!
Hope the recovery is going well!

Scrappy Raven said...

That B is great. Love the photo of Lilly. Everyone needs a little nest to nap in.

rlbates said...

You have to take care of your knees (& yourself). Hang in there.

I love the curvy B!