Sunday, March 13, 2011

Class Homework

Woohoo, I wrote up my biography (tweaking Kathy's version a bit) and actually included the fact that I'd written a book. yes, good call. Can't believe I forgot to mention that. I also had to submit a photo. I pinned The Margarita Quilt (still no binding) up to my design wall, put my camera on a tripod and snapped away. I coerced Lily into participating (initially she kept running away from me, but her curiosity got the better of her). Rather than use the timer I just stuck my arm out and clicked. Thought you'd be amused to see an uncropped photo:

I got an expensive haircut in preparation for this. For the last couple of years I've been going to the cheap places where you wait and I had one stylist who did a really good job. She left and my last two haircuts have been horrible. I felt ugly. So I decided it's time to start paying what a good haircut actually costs and go for it. In order to get the style I wanted, I searched online for "pixie haircut" and was amaazed at how many styles that actually encompasses. I found what I wanted with the Diablo Cody (screenwriter of Juno) haircut. I don't consider it hers, since this is how I've been trying to get my hair cut for years.
I also bought new glasses. Woohoo, so ready for that - I've hated these ones since I first got them. Anyway, I splurged and went for the new HD lenses which are supposed to provide better clarity and peripheral vision. I use my eyes quite a bit (don't we all), so I figure that's an area that's worth spending on. But it takes longer to grind these lenses so instead of one hour, think 10-14 days. I don't have them yet, but I'm excited!!!!

Is that all boring? Sorry. At least it's not me whining!

I got some fun stuff in the mail from Mary C. A hum for you-know-what:

A fun cat's head for Halloween:

and wheee, UnRuly Kitties:

Thank you, Mary!

You know in my last post how one of my favorite things is my TiVo? Well not today! It's refusing to start. Agh, it did this once before, about a month ago, but after several hours (and phone calls to customer service which did no good) it finally started working again. I decided that was just a blip and I didn't buy a new one. Agh. It's been several hours already and no luck. Life without tv? What will I do?

I'm glad I watched the new episode of Fringe last night. If you're not watching the show and you like sci-fi, then seriously, go rent the dvds, start with season 1 and realize that by the time the show hits season 3 it's really got it all together and is lots of fun. Just took them sometime with the world(s) building.

So after the successful biography writing session last post, it's time to set you guys on another homework task. I've been approached by several guilds to teach. It's one of those terrifying/exciting things. I need to have a professional write up of the classes I offer. So hard for me. Is that a left brain task or what. This is what I've got. What have I left out? What is it you'd really want to cover in a class. etc. Ready? Here we go.

UnRuly 4-Patch
An introduction to free-pieced letters. Weʼll cover how to piece just a few letters
and then practice them multiple times to really get the hang of them. We can do LOVE and if folks want to, itʼs easy to throw a few more letters in there too like I (LIVE)  and an H and P (HOPE) and an easy HOME. This is a project that looks great in solids or completely and totally scrappy. Iʼll show different ways the 4-Patches can be put together.
Hugs and Kisses
Another practice and repeat project, Hugs and Kisses focuses on the letters O and X. Youʼll get really good at making them! The letters can then be put together in either an easy method (such as the 4-Patch) or more complicated, as in my Fruit Punch
An Overview of UnRuly Letters
Iʼll show you all the tricks you need to make every letter. I recommend working with two strongly contrasting solids. You wonʼt get a whole sampler done in a day, and probably wonʼt even finish all the letters, but youʼll have a great headstart. 
Crumb Quilting
Anything goes to use up all your bitty scraps. Weʼll cover log cabin style construction, wonky hearts, easy houses, maverick stars and maybe even a few HOPEful letters.

Wonky Houses aka Liberated Houses ala Gwen Marston. A free-pieced project that can be great fun using novelty fabrics. 

Novelty Flower Pots
This is a design class where weʼll play with paper, scissors and fabric but wonʼt do any sewing. I have a love of Halloween which is why Iʼve made a booquet but this technique works great with a range of holiday novelty prints or something goofy like all cats.

UnRuly Halloween
We'll have fun making spiders, jack oʼlanterns, the letters BOO and a haunted house.


Nancy B said...

The classes sound like great fun - when can I sign up?! A DVD could make it possible for many more of us to attend :)

PurplePickle said...

The class descriptions are great. I'd love to take all of them. Thanks so much for publishing my blocks. Be well and happy.
Mary C.

Jenny said...

Your class descriptions sound great. I'm wanting to sign up, right now!

Love your picture, the colors cam out fantastic. My kitties would have been on a tear to get down and find a place to sleep.

Not sure what you tivo, but we're a hulu plus and netflix instant family. Very happy. Have a wonderful day.

YankeeQuilter said...

Are these half day classes or full you also do trunkshows for the guild meetings? (I know the answers but as someone who has reviewed dozens of teacher leaflets these the question we always end up asking!)

Celia said...

Hi Tonya, I had to laugh at myself when yesterday I was ordering some quilting books and ordered yours, only to realise later that the book I ordered was yours..I often see your quilts with letters but didn't realise that was your original design... LOL.Looking forward to get my book and try the technique out.

Andi said...

The only thing I can think to add to the class descriptions (besides the timing which YankeeQuilter mentioned) is fabric requirements. Will students bring small scraps, charms, fat quarters, etc.?

Diane said...

I'd sign up for any of those classes any time!

You might want to note somewhere that they're machine classes, and what level they are (beginners, intermediate, or just "all levels"). Fabric and stuff can be covered as part of the supply list.

Some half day and full-day classes are always a good option..and you may get a chance to do a multi-day class at a conference or a retreat.
If they had a couple days, then there's no telling what people could do!

sewprimitive karen said...

What an excellent portrait photo; crop it and use it :-) !

Kerri said...

I was perusing my blogs this Sunday evening and quickly got to yours, I noticed the gorgeous quilt and thought, too, I really like Tonya's short hair cut. I read down and, bing, you write about your hair cuts, lol. I am a cheap haircut person, or mostly do it myself, but, a real professional one really turned out great for you, I might have to splurge next time for the help my hair needs. Cute Pixie cut!

AnnieO said...

Love the photo! Too funny. I'm lucky to have my daughter as my hairstylist. It is always best to leave hair to the professionals I think (though I always get in trouble with DD because I trim my bangs between haircuts!)

The class descriptions sound pretty good, but I think I'd leave out "Don't" "won't" type wording to make it more positive sounding.

Clare said...

Me too. Totally forgot about The Book!!!!!

How about looking at Gwen's web site for inspiration on the class stuff? Are you going to put the info on the web site? Might be a good idea.

jovaliquilts said...

So exciting, what a great opportunity!! Whenever professional speakers come to my guild, we always ask them to give a lecture/trunk show for the whole guild in addition to teaching classes to people who sign up. Usually it's a slide show with commentary, so you might want to think about putting one or two of those together, too.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Yes! A good haircut is definitely hard to find. If you get a good one from a stylist, by the time you go back, they don't remember what they did and how do you describe it? It drives you nuts! I just gave up and let my hair grow long, but one of these days, I'm going to get it cut again.

Chris Daly said...

Hi Tonya, Love your bio photo. I can't believe you can hold a cat and snap the photo at the same time. I always knew you were talented. As for classes, I think you have a great range of offerings. I'm sending you an e-mail with some advice I received from a friend when I started teaching.

Sharon said...

I really can't think of anything else to add, except that I think people need to know that it's a machine class and they should know the basics.

When are you coming to WA, cuz I really want to take ALL your classes!

Love your haircut - it looks good. Yes, a good cut is worth the $$. And I've followed my hairdresser to another salon, because she knows how I want my hair and she does it.

Love your photo! You are multi-talented. I couldn't get a cat to hold still for that, or I'd be bleeding! LOL

Nice goodies from Mary. Love those unruly kitties!

Bonnie Hull said...

...excellent self-makeover!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

great haircut! I'm all for that short pixie! good luck with your classes! fun fun!

Rene' said...

Great post Tonya! It's good to splurge on yourself now and then....way to go with the fancy haircut and high tech glasses. Can't wait to experience one of your classes...which one are you doing for our group?

Dionne said...

I am SO SO excited about your classes! I am going to pester the guild out here to get you on the schedule. Seattle is fabulous! Not at all like Florida (or Paris) but really nice. It's been a long time coming ~ hopefully you don't remember me pestering you about having classes in France! But I am really excited, I'll sign up for every single one of those classes! Talk to Bonnie about doing a cruise together, I'll go on that too!


Lynda said...

They all sound great - such fun! The only thing I'd say is that they seem a bit crammed. (I'm fresh from a teaching a log cabin class where one lady only managed to make four 7" blocks in the day!)

Amy said...

I would love a whole week class of everything.LOL... but really the Unruly Halloween.

ButtonMad said...

cats and quilts - what a fine combination - cheers

Shelly said...

Your cat is beautiful!