Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Can It Be Even More Bahful?

Yes, I am still alive, just a terrible blogger. The next time I am due for surgery (and boy does there always seem to be a next time) I need to schedule a block thingie so that all you wonderful people send me "presents". I can't even begin to tell you how fabulous it is to open envelopes and packages from all over the world and get these marvelous blocks. This is what Bah Humbug looked like as of February 27th:

There are a couple of items on the left hand side that aren't part of the future quilt, including the sweet postcard that Joe Tulips sent me. [By the way, J is currently working on a lettery geocaching quilt, it's wonderful and Holly G. in particular, you'd love it!]

My husband had a hard time believing it had actually come through the U.S. mail, despite seeing postage and a cancellation stamp on it.

I finally got so many blocks that they just won't fit on the design wall anymore. So this photo shows you a couple of the blocks that are in the previous photo (but didn't get nearly enough attention) plus the latest ones which arrived yesterday:

You can find out more about the blocks and their makers over at the UnRuly Quilting blog. Plus you can check out these two really fun UnRuly Letter quilts that Diane is working on here and here. Diane also sent me an extra block for me to use however I like in an UnRuly project:

I love the subway fabric. Diane works at City Quilter and this fabric is specially made for their store. Wheee, I've actually been on some of those routes. 

Along with the outrageous toothy Bah, the always joyful and fun Em sent me a great buggy glass dish. I love it, thank you!
Um, for those of you planning to do a Bah Humbug block, might I suggest that if you haven't already started it, that unless you are really excited about it, maybe you could um, not do one and wait instead for the next exciting project that we do. cuz holy cow, this quilt is going to be huge. I wish I had the skills of Victoria to make king-sized quilts with ease.

This blog post doesn't have the smoothest transitions, sorry. To refer back to the UnRuly Quilting blog, hey you can post any UnRuly project you're working on there. it doesn't just have to be the Bah Humbugs. I keep hoping Hedgehog will come and share some of her fabulous placenames at the UnRQ blog but meanwhile you can visit this wondeful project at this post.

Speaking of places you can show off UnRuly Letter projects: send an email with a photo of your project to Karen at kburns@martingale-pub.com to go into the Martingale photostream AND into the Word Play Quilts set. on Flickr.

I admit I haven't been commenting on blogs as much as I used to, for all sorts of reasons. But I managed to delete my entire blog subscription list (argh) and it's taken awhile to rebuild. There are some blogs which I would have sworn I'd resub'ed to that nope, still weren't turning up. Soo eek, if you haven't heard from me in awhile, feel free to poke me with a stick.  

I've gotten more fun prezzies in the mail, but I can't fit everything into this blog post, which is already rather unwieldy. But I definitely have to mention this. Wooohooo, Bonnie Hunter's new book Scraps and Shirttails II:

Wheee! I think my favorite quilt is Fair and Square:

I am so drawn to the strings and tiny squares. Lovely. If I were smart I'd cut out a bunch of those little squares so I'd finally have a leader ender project going.

I'm slowly getting better after the knees surgery. The second week after the surgery I was doing great and thought recovery would be such a breeze. Of course now I realize that had something to do with my husband waiting on me hand and foot and the lovely pain meds. Sigh. Now he's back to work (not to be seen in these parts for quite some time) and I'm having to take care of myself, the cats AND go to physical therapy. ow. It will someday be nice to walk without limping, which I realize I've been doing for years, compensating for the stupid evil tumor in my knee.

I've managed to do some sewing at last - woohoo! my husband got me a rolly chair, I put a mini rotary cutting mat on my table and set up on ironing station (tv tray covered with a towel and my beloved Rowenta Compact Iron.)

So I haven't gotten a LOT sewn, but at least some. I much prefer to stand while cutting, but you gotta do what you gotta do. But that's all secret...

I'm ever so grateful to have a laptop to work on while I recline with ice on my knees. I've been doing lots of sudoku as well, especially my newfound love Sum Sudoku aka Killer Sudoku. It involves math, which is hardly my strong point, but I've printed out cheat sheets to help. yes, pathetic as it is, I need to look up what combinations add up to 13 etc. I can do the easy puzzles and some of the moderate ones, but after that, whew, out of my depth.

So thanks again to everyone who has sent a block, card, present etc to me. It means a lot, even though I'm completely terrible about sending out thank you notes!!! I think this is enough of a novel, so signing off now. Later, gators.


Kristin L said...

Ooooh, I like that Fair and Square quilt too!

I also love the toothy bah! How fun is that? I have a bah on it's way to you, so you'll have to deal with one more. ;-)

Good luck with the healing. Don;t be too hard on yourself.

KQ Sue said...

Feel better soon.
I am moving to FL April 8 and hope to bump into you. I have read your blog for a couple of years, you were in Paris when I started. Funny you mentioned Sudoku, I have wanted to make my son a Sudoku quilt, for a couple of years. Need to do at least 3 or 4 UFOs before I start anything else.
Purrs to the kitties.

deborah said...

Count me in on the next block 'challenge' - my copy of 'Word Play Quilts' finally came today! Can't wait to make an alphabet:)
Sending positive healing thoughts to you!

Nifty Quilts said...

Wow! Bah Humbug looks great. I'll wait for the next exciting project.

So glad you're sewing again, as awkward as it may seem. I love the make-do ironing board.

BH's new book looks good too! Thanks!

Sujata said...

It is looking fabulous! Wish I had made one already.. I will wait for the next one! I am glad you are sewing a bit.
Feel Better!

Archaic Dome said...

I hope you'll be well soon! I'll be on the Gulf Coast next week, and I'll be thinking about you. If you've never listened to Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo podcast, you should this week. Bonnie's one of his guests!

daveandlo said...

glad to hear you are slowly recovering and thanks for permission to wait for the next word request. Lois

Diane said...

The toothy fabric rules!!! is it a current fabric? These blocks look SO good together.

Thanks for showing my NYC block!

I will definitely send pix to Martingale too.


Clare said...

Em's plate is gorgeous. I've always lusted after that NY subway fabric. I'll post a photo of Cutie Bug when I've finished quilting it.

Hope T is ok where he is. The entire Middle East seems to be in uproar and the price of petrol doesn't help matters - ouch!

BYTW I saw on your blog list on your profile that you're linked to my old Wordpress blog not to Blogger.

Stay safe and, for goodness sake rest!

Jenny said...


Hope you heal quickly. I'd checked out of blog reading for a bitty while having two babies in under two years. I was sad to see that your now having knee surgery. Feel better.

Meredith said...

Glad you are on the mend!

Rene' said...

Tonya, I've haven't been blogging or commenting much lately either. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Alejandrina shared the awesome news of your upcoming workshop with the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild! I'm super excited!!!!

Holly G said...

What fun, those Bah Humbug blocks. I checked out Joe's geocaching letter quilt - wonderful! Thanks for pointing me in that direction. Get well soon, Ton.

Janet said...

Get well soon. I really miss your daily posts!!!

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the blocks that have come in and choosing favorites. Hard task. Thanks for the health update. Glad you are getting better, even if more slowly than you'd wish.

Chris Daly said...

Wow, Look at all those awesome goodies! I hope you are healing well.

I saw Bonnie's new book at a retreat last weekend. I love some of the quilts in that book. I also met two people that purchased your new book and were very excited at the prospect of Word Play in future quilts.

PurplePickle said...

So "Hum" is done, but "Bug" has been bugging me (yuck, yuck!!)... so I am sending just "Hum" and some gifties. Maybe there is a lonely "Bug" that needs a partner. Be well and happy.
Mary C.

jovaliquilts said...

I'm glad I read this through to the end -- I was going to make a bah humbug block. Now I won't, but do know that I understand the bah-humbuginess of getting over your double knee surgery. Hope you are feeling much better and can get around.

Hedgehog said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I promise I'll join the UnRuly blog - soon!