Friday, March 11, 2011


I have to write a biography for an upcoming magazine article. The article part is exciting, but writing the biography is really hard for me. That's the work I was avoiding in my last post and well, I've managed to keep avoiding it.

I can talk/write for ages about things that I love like quilting, books, tv, my cats. But personal details about myself? Gives me the heebie jeebies.

So I've been trying to think of the autobiography that I would be happy with. I think it would go something like this:
Gwen Marston. Roberta Horton. Gee's Bend. Anna Williams. Susan Shie. Amish colors, simplicity, and quilting. Freehand fan quilting without a hoop. Bright, saturated color. String quilts. Cotton Crazies. Orphan Samplers. Firefly. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jane Austen tv adaptations. Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. Cairo. Paris. Florida. My cats. Arrested Development. Tacky Refrigerator Magnets. Starbucks City Mugs. Sudoku. TiVO. Veronica Mars. Kolchak. Columbo. Fabric, fabric, fabric. Sunshine. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (must stop). Indian and Lebanese Food (not at the same time). Books. Quilting since 1988, liberated since 1996. Blogger.
I pulled out the journal I used to be really good at keeping (before blogging....).  On January 25, 2001 one of my ideas was to make a quilt called "A Few of my Favorite Things" to include:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Go Spike). Tacky fridge magnets. Queen. English Breakfast Tea. The DMB's Crash. Star Wars/Trek. Elvis Kitsch. Cobalt Blue Pottery. Risotto. Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. Pitch Black. Aliens. Terminator/2.
There wouldn't be any more of an explanation. Just the list. I wish I had made the quilt. Would be fun to do one every ten years and see what's changed. I can't believe I left my English Breakfast Tea out of my current autobiography.  Yeah, that has to go on there. Already rewriting me.

I have to drink about 6 mugs-worth (my big old Starbucks mugs) of Twinings or the day just isn't complete. By the way, I have managed to kick my diet soda habit. wooohooo. Now to stop the chocolate and junk food. One step at a time.

Anyway, I've got a job for ya'all. Write a biography of me. You guys won't get bogged down by silly things like the facts. Be creative. Ready? Set? Go! 

And if you want some additional homework? I'd love to know a few of your favorite things too.

How did it get to be 1am? Well, I think I can finally go to sleep now. ya'all take care.


woolywoman said...

i like your list!

I always think that a bio is a chance to, uhm, square up the edges of our life. No one expects bios to be brutally honest- thats therapy not a bio!

All they really want is something that can help sway a reader towards being open minded about what you are writing about. Something that lets people"know" you a little- like tea details. I know I feel warmer to people when they confess a tea/coffee addition!

Irene Onderweegs said...

Lucky you!
I didn't sleep because yesterday Word Play Quilts arrived, ordered through Bonnie's site, and I have been imprisoned by it till early this morning 8^O
Just was left wordless this dawn.
Thank you!
Love from a sunny and chilly Amsterdam,

Clare said...

Loves Quilting, English Breakfast Tea, Cats, T.V, Sudoko and tacky fridge magnets. Has an addiction to Starbucks Big Mugs.

Needs sun to survive. Hates the cold.

Is quite happy sitting with her cats, watching Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn films on DVD whilst hand quilting.

Go on - make a quilt of your fav things as they are now.

AverettLadyNana said...

I must kick my diet soda habit too and chocolate and junk food. Love my fabrics...and you kitty looks like one of mine---Gucci...

Judy in Michigan said...

Just a thought - list the places you've lived (I'm curious about that). I think Clare has the major parts of the bio - well done, Clare!

Beth said...

Are bios would be SURPRISINGLY similar...except mine would be Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn (Charade is my favorite!!).

Brenda said...

Likes to write with fabric, travel the world, cuddle with her kitties, and sip tea in the style of the Queen of England.
as for me, I like to write with fabric and guzzle Earl Grey, and the rest of the time I'm stuck at my computer.

PurplePickle said...

Did u forget your sweet hubby? I like children laughing, dark chocolate, purple and green, NY cheesecake, pasta, Hawaii, Europe, subways, strong coffee with lots of cream, avocados, Spring flowers, sunshine, soft breezes, water in any form, The Fray. My favorite movie of all time is The Lake House. I also like Old Beatle songs, travel, California, cats, birds and other small animals, big cities and flea markets, fabric, sewing and knitting for charity and I love LIFE.
Mary C.

jovaliquilts said...

Maybe they will let you get away with a list of little things like you mentioned that really say something about you. You could tell them that an Unruly Quilter gets an unruly bio.

Cornelia said...

I love Spike, too!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a bio like this in a quilting book, and your quilting style is perfectly suited to it.

Linda said...

I think you wrote the perfect bio! Who says it has to be in sentences? I'd send it in the way it is, make that favourites quilt and continue loving life.
Lurking Linda

Vicky F said...

Tonya puts the "e" in Wonky! (you can use that if you want)

Love Queen, Foreigner and Police. Earl Grey is the tea for me.

I would leave your bio as is, but lead with a sentence that explains you are a quilter full of mystery, who on any given day, any of the following traits, likes and passions may show themselves: (then list your list).

Then, you'd want to include real bio stuff like the book you wrote, the classes you taught, the sew-alongs you conducted. You know, to make yourself credible. Some people are serious folks, you know.

Take care!
Vicky F

Kathy in FL said...

How about something like:
"Tonya Ricucci started quilting in 1988, and is best known for her unruly letters and words in quilts. She recently authored Word Play Quilts, published by Martingale, sharing her techniques with quilters worldwide. She is an avid hand quilter, and freehand Baptist fans are her trademark. Her other passions include her husband, her 4 cats, liberated quilts and quilters (Gwen Marston, Roberta Horton, Gee's Bend quilters, and Anna Williams, to name a few), Enlish Breakfast tea, TiVO, books, fabric, and sunshine. Visit her blog at or email her at"

How's that for starters?

Kathy in FL said...

P.S. Grettings from Fayetteville NC!

daveandlo said...

Kathy's bio is good, you should hire her. Instead of "her other passions" you might substitute a few of other favorite things are . . . It's a great idea for a quilt!


Bonnie Hull said...

like the bio list A LOT...much more arresting to read the list than to read prose. By the end of the list a person is forming up...liked Judy in Michgan's suggestion of a few lace names...gotta go get a coffee...xo

julieQ said...

Bright and wonky and hand quilting with black thread and kitties!! Fun and Joy! Adn spooky Halloween!! All those should be included...

Anonymous said...

You could call yourself the unruly biographer if you sent your bio that way. Don't forget world traveler. You were on your way to Cairo, I think, when i first ran across your blog.

Diane said...

Kathy should be everyone's press agent! That's a really good bio!